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Jets Video: Rex Ryan Gets Tebowed

Rex Ryan got his introduction to Tim Tebow…from a couple fans while dining in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana restaurant. Watch: (What else can I say?)

Video: A.J. Burnett Bunts Ball Off Face, Suffers Orbital Fracture

When the Yankees traded A.J. Burnett to the Pirates, they were looking for some financial relief, while Burnett was looking for a fresh start. Yeah. This was not the break Burnett was looking for. Say what?

Video: Bengals WR Jerome Simpson’s Touchdown Flip

Thank the lord for YouTube. Without it, we’d have to rely on TV to show us replays of Jerome Simpson’s incredible flip over the defender and into the endzone on Sunday against the Cardinals. He even stuck the landing, with one hand holding the football, the other breaking his fall, and his two feet landing […]

Video: Tom Brady Ugg Commercial

Whether he just pulled them out of Gisele Bundchen’s side of the closet by mistake is anyone’s guess, but Tom Brady wears UGG boots. After getting outdueled by Mark Sanchez in the playoffs, Brady refused to loose again, so he responded to Sanchez’s GQ photo spread with a pair of fuzzy sheepskin boots. In UGG’s […]

Video: Rafael Nadal Collapses from Cramps at U.S. Open Press Conference

Rafael Nadal is one of the most physically demonstrative athletes in all of sports. Sunday, he suffered an untimely cramp at a U.S. Open post-match conference (Nadal defeated David Nalbaldian in three sets to advance to the 4th round). He provided a visceral depiction of just how painful one can be:

Video: Brandon Jacobs, Muhammad Wilkerson Fight at Giants-Jets Game

Giant’s running back, Brandon Jacobs and Jet’s rookie, running back, Muhammad Wilkerson were ejected from Monday night’s pre-season matchup in New York.

Video: Jorge Posada Plays 2nd Base vs. A’s

Jorge Posada has had an up-and-down season in what may be his final season in the Bronx. He’s seen just a little time at catcher, spending the bulk of his time as the team’s designated hitter. With his Yankees up 22-9 after hitting a major-league record three grand slams, Posada was called upon to play […]

Video: Virginia Earthquake at Indians-Mariners Game

Did you feel that shaking right before 2 p.m. on Tuesday? No, it wasn’t CC walking down Fifth Avenue. A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck at 1:51 p.m. in Virginia, and its effects were felt as far south as the Carolinas and as far north as New York, Boston, and even Canada. It was the strongest American […]