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Elite Eli Leads Giants to Super Bowl Victory Over Patriots 21-17

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 to win Super Bowl XLVI in clutch, come-from-behind fashion, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The thrilling comeback victory was almost identical to the way in which the Giants upset the Patriots just four years ago in Super Bowl XLII. Though there was no […]

Super Bowl Picks: Giants-Patriots Battle in an Epic Rematch

I’m sure people from New York and Boston don’t need to be reminded, but, in one of the greatest Super Bowls ever, the Giants knocked off the Patriots in January of ’08. Fast forward four seasons and the rematch looks completely different. While it does feature the same two teams, this isn’t the 16-0 Patriots […]

Gisele Bundchen Asks For Super Bowl Support

Gisele Bundchen, supermodel wife of Tom Brady, recently sent an email to family and close friends. Since there is no such thing as privacy, here’s her email. “My sweet friends and family…” I wish I had sweet friends. All mine are all lazy degenerates that still drink Natty Lights. “This sunday will be a really […]

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks: Adults Up Front, Youngins’ Take the Back Seat

Adults Up Front 1.  Aaron Rodgers:  He did have an “off day” last Sunday, going 23-34 for 299 for 2 TDs / 1 INT.  Then again, if Rodgers posted his “off day” performances for his entire career, he’d still be a Hall of Famer. The Michael Jordan of the NFL? 2.  Drew Brees:  Supplants Tom […]

The Jets Are Inconsistent and Maddening

It took until Sunday night’s game against the Patriots for me to finally figure out who the Jets are. Essentially, they are the equivalent of the KFC Famous Bowl. They are everything on the KFC menu thrown into a plastic bowl and covered with gravy. It seems awesome at first, and some bites will be […]

Patriots Reclaim First Place, Beat Jets 37-16

Acting, not Speaking Normally, the week before a Jets/Patriots game would be, well, a lot louder to say the least. Besides Dustin Keller’s Namath-like guarantee of victory over his heated rival, the two opposing sides stayed quiet and remained in a stalemate throughout the week. Both teams refused to move any of their pieces off […]

Battle for the AFC East: Jets-Patriots Game Preview

The Jets-Patriots rivalry is quickly growing into one of the more intense rivalries in the National Football League. These are two teams that match-up well against each other, know each other, respect each other and hate each other.  There are few secrets, despite constant efforts to out-maneuver, scheme and wrinkle one another, because the truth is, in […]

Onion Report: Tom Brady & Mark Sanchez Have Sex, Eli Manning Elite For 4 Days

Could it be that when it comes to sports coverage, The Onion’s hillarious “Get Out of My Face” keeps sport insights more real than its satirical targets, ESPN sports debate shows “Pardon the Interruption” and “Around the Horn”? Well, for one thing, “Get Out of My Face” broadcasters Kenny Kennedy and Reggie Greengrass are easily more entertaining (not to mention, […]

2011 Fantasy NFL Week 10 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Quick: Raise your hand if you played Tim Tebow over Ryan Fitzpatrick this past week. No hands? You would have raised your hand sky high with a victory if you had read this column last week. I also hope you listened and played Brandon Jacobs. On the same note, if I ever recommend sitting Rob Gronkowski again, feel free […]

Eli Manning Completes a Giant Comeback to Beat Patriots Again

A replay of Super Bowl XLII? Not quite, but close enough. Within the two-minute warning, the Giants down by less than 5, 3rd down pressure, Manning looks down field to number 85. David Tyree? Not this time. Manning looks for tight end, Jake Ballard for the winning drive. The New York Giants defeated the New […]