// Rob Gronkowski

Super Bowl Picks: Giants-Patriots Battle in an Epic Rematch

I’m sure people from New York and Boston don’t need to be reminded, but, in one of the greatest Super Bowls ever, the Giants knocked off the Patriots in January of ’08. Fast forward four seasons and the rematch looks completely different. While it does feature the same two teams, this isn’t the 16-0 Patriots […]

Week 11 NFL Picks: Giants and Jets Look to Rebound

Quick Hits from Week 10: I didn’t like the Giants decision not to burn their last timeout on fourth and two, following the D.J. Ware run. What are they saving it for? They looked completely out of sorts on the biggest play of the game. Great point by Troy Aikman, even if Smith doesn’t bat […]

Patriots Reclaim First Place, Beat Jets 37-16

Acting, not Speaking Normally, the week before a Jets/Patriots game would be, well, a lot louder to say the least. Besides Dustin Keller’s Namath-like guarantee of victory over his heated rival, the two opposing sides stayed quiet and remained in a stalemate throughout the week. Both teams refused to move any of their pieces off […]

2011 Week 9 Fantasy Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

This football season is really heating up and the fantasy football season only has a few weeks left until the playoffs start.  Playoffs?  Yes playoffs.  Now is the time to make your playoff run.  I am currently in three fantasy leagues, including a league with my fellow sportswriters of this website, and i have the most points […]