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Welcome to the Top 10 Eli Manning! Here are Some Qualities to Aspire to Have From Eight Higher Ranking Quarterbacks

Hey, Tebow, God loves you, but not as much as Aaron Rodgers! 1.  Aaron Rodgers:  He has put in such a blindingly radiant performance , that its tempting to bask in it, and just consider each individual QB in the NFL as just a part of one mortal clump.  Rodgers of the currently 7-0 Green […]

Top 10 NFL QB’s Through First 3 Weeks of 2011

Introduction: Every three weeks, Sports of New York will examine the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL. As the year takes shape, intangibles such as leadership 4th quarter effectiveness will be factored in with greater proportion to statistics and performance indicators based on the 2010 season. 1. Tom Brady:  Aaron Rodgers is an imminent threat to dethrone […]

Fantasy Football: A Journey

Introduction to a Fantasy In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) declared that online poker sites were banned from operating on U.S. soil. The same act stipulated that organized Fantasy Sports Leagues for monetary incentive, however, is not to be considered “gambling,” and thus permissible. The Act worked swimmingly well: millions of Americans continued […]