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Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria Dating? His New Girlfriend?

Wait…Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is dating Rays third baseman Evan Longoria? No way! Yep, no way. He’s actually dating actress Eva Longoria, which may be just as shocking. Longoria is 37 years old, or about 19 years older than Sanchez’s high-school girlfriend from a few years ago.

Holy Tebow, The Jets Are Really Dumb

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how dumb one franchise can be. For all the botched drafts, terrible coaches, horrible losses, and utter foolishness in their history, part of me thought that Rex Ryan was actually bringing a winning culture to the franchise. Then on Wednesday, reality dropped on me like a cartoon anvil. We won’t […]

New York Jets 2011 Season in Review: Ups and Downs

Hot and Cold Winning Streaks. Losing Streaks. Touchdowns. Turnovers. Comebacks. Collapses. Good. Bad. A season filled with dichotomy for the New York Jets in 2011 and now an offseason filled with uncertainty in 2012.

Bart Scott Gets Absurd $10,000 Fine For Obscene Gesture

Bart Scott was fined $10,000 by the Jets for giving a photographer the finger while cleaning out his locker after another disappointing Jets season. This seems like an extraordinary amount. Not because it wasn’t obscene, but because it was directed at a photographer for the New York Post. It’s the New York Post; they don’t […]

Sanchez Should Stay, The Rest Of The Jets Should Go

After finishing 8-8, a lot of people think it’s time to end the Mark Sanchez experiment. Anyone that watched the Miami debacle could make a good argument that he should never play again, since it’s inconceivable that an NFL quarterback could throw two interceptions to a defensive lineman. But right now, the Jets are saying […]

A Snapshot After Week 17: Giants Move On, Jets Melt Down

This season, I’ve taken 17 little snapshots of the Giants and Jets, as a way to provide instant analysis on where they are mostly in relation to each other. I was down on the Giants early – I thought this was a 8-win team at best, but hey, they won nine! I was up on […]

Jets’ Disappointing Season Ends with Defeat to Dolphins

The Jets needed a lot of help to get into post-season on Sunday, but did very little to help themselves first and foremost, as they lost to the Miami Dolphins 19-17, in Miami. The Jets finish a very disappointing season at 8-8 (2-6 on the road) and miss out on the sixth and final AFC […]

Jets and Giants Battle For More Than Just a Simple Rivalry

Rex Ryan says the Jets are the better New York football team. Tom Coughlin says talk is cheap. The Giants wide receivers say Darrele Revis is an “ok” cornerback and that teams aren’t afraid to throw to him anymore. Revis says he doesn’t know who Victor Cruz is. Each team has added their own fuel to the fire […]

Mark Sanchez Girlfriend Now Kate Upton?

One of the really crappy parts perks of being the franchise quarterback of a New York football team is the media’s endless fascination with your personal life and relentless need to create front page headlines. Mark Sanchez has certainly filled his 2011 quota. The handsome young quarterback has been linked to a number of lovely ladies, […]

A Snapshot After Week 15: The Day The Football Died

At about 4:37 PM, Eastern Standard Time, New York football was officially declared dead for 2011. The Giants and Jets were both lost in a terrible murder-suicide pact, just a few miles away from each other on I-95. Police will not press charges against the Redskins and Eagles, who claimed the two New York teams […]