Onion Report: Tom Brady & Mark Sanchez Have Sex, Eli Manning Elite For 4 Days

Could it be that when it comes to sports coverage, The Onion’s hillarious “Get Out of My Face” keeps sport insights more real than its satirical targets, ESPN sports debate shows “Pardon the Interruption” and “Around the Horn”? Well, for one thing, “Get Out of My Face” broadcasters Kenny Kennedy and Reggie Greengrass are easily more entertaining (not to mention, […]

World Series of Poker 2011 Hand Review: A Ballet Between Luck and Skill

The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event commenced in July as a giant window into the world’s poker ecology. With more than 7,000 entrants in this no limit hold’em tournament, Day 1 of the event sported a motley crowd of amateur online qualifiers adorned with various online poker company badges and lapels, a dwindling number of tough hew faced roadside gamblers, nice and predictable […]

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr’s Monday Night Football Song After Hitler Comment: Wrong Move?

In response to musician Hank Williams Jr.’s comparison of a meeting between Barak Obama and John Boehner to a golf game between Adolf Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ESPN pulled Williams’ 20-year-old opening song “All My Rowdy Friends” from its “Monday Night Football” telecast. In a statement made to the press on Sunday afternoon, ESPN explained its decision: “While Hank Williams, […]

ESPN NY Hall of Fame: Where Are The Knicks?

Some kids play catch with their dads. They grab their gloves and head onto a field. Others throw a football. Me and my dad, we played basketball. My father knows very little about sports. He claims his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, but if you were to ask him who the quarterback was, he […]