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Video: Bengals WR Jerome Simpson’s Touchdown Flip

Thank the lord for YouTube. Without it, we’d have to rely on TV to show us replays of Jerome Simpson’s incredible flip over the defender and into the endzone on Sunday against the Cardinals. He even stuck the landing, with one hand holding the football, the other breaking his fall, and his two feet landing […]

Week 13 NFL Picks: Division and Playoff Battles Heat Up

When the calendar hits December, it’s a football fan’s dream. It’s the beginning of the stretch run of the NFL season. Gone are the bye weeks; it’s time for the NFL contenders to separate themselves from the pretenders. No nonsense, straight into the picks. Philadelphia @ Seattle Another week of Vince Young at the helm for the Eagles. Most troubling for […]

Week 4 NFL Picks: Featuring Jets @ Ravens

Quick Hits from Week 3: Huge wins by the Cowboys and Giants, the Giants especially. What a stinker by the Jets defense last week. McFadden ran over, through, around, (whatever adjective you want to use) them. The Vikings inexplicably refused to run Peterson in the 2nd half. One particular play stood out, 3rd and 1 […]

Jets’ Preseason Game 2, Win 27-7; Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship?

The Jets signing of 6’5″, 226 lb former Superbowl Champion Plaxico Burress for a one year, $3 million contract is a fine deal based on the intriguing possibilities alone. If the Jets wildest dreams for Burress (1,200 yards receiving) or even more mild expectations (~800 yards and moderate attraction of double coverage) come to fruition, the signing becomes […]

Jets Preseason Week 2 Preview: Sanchez Faces Rebuilding Bengals

When the Jets last saw the Bengals last year in Week 12, Carson Palmer was the quarterback, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco were the wide receivers and Johnathan Joseph teamed with Leon Hall to form a solid 1-2 cornerback tandem. When the Jets face Cincinnati on Sunday night, both teams will be coming off a […]