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Linsanity is Dead. Long Live Linsanity.

Hey did you guys hear Jeremy Lin is leaving the Knicks?

Knicks Grab Biggest Win Yet, But Carmelo Anthony Has His Worst Supporting Cast Ever

This game was over the second the Bulls went up by nine in the fourth quarter. The Knicks had blown a 21-point lead and were as good as dead. Then Carmelo Anthony went supernova. Melo had his finest game in New York, pouring in 43 points and hitting two absolutely insane, brass-balls, cold-blooded shots to […]

Knicks Clobber Magic, But What Comes Next?

The Knicks embarrassed Orlando at home Thursday night in a matchup of two of the more dysfunctional franchises in the NBA at the moment. NY has lost two of their top three players in the last week, with Jeremy Lin out for the season and Amar’e Stoudemire out but potentially back for the playoffs. In […]

Streaking Knicks Will Be Tested Soon

The Knicks cruised to their fifth straight win Thursday night in a game that never really felt as close as the final point spread would indicate. As soon as they jumped to a double-digit lead in the first half, it was clear that a fairly rattled 76ers team would not be able to compete with […]

Jets Trade For Tim Tebow (Seriously)

Wow. Twitter, my phone, ESPN, THE WORLD has just exploded. First, the NFL went crazy and suspended Saints coach Sean Payton for a full year (seriously) for the bounty stupidity down in New Orleans. Then the Jets traded a fourth round pick for Tim Tebow. I am so excited about this I can barely breathe. […]

Knicks Meltdown: Mike D’Antoni Resigns – But Hope Remains

Well, I promised this Knicks season would get weird. It did, and now it’s getting even weirder. Coach Mike D’Antoni resigned Wednesday, finally fed up with the lack of control he had over the team, his players, his roster – pretty much everything. It is unclear who exactly is “running” the Knicks right now, since […]

The 2012 Mets Need To Lose, In Order To Win

The Mets have a chance to accomplish something special this year: They may become the worst baseball team from a major city in the last 20 years. Now, there have been bad teams from Chicago and Los Angeles, there have been disappointing squads out of Boston and the Bay Area, and even those cross town […]

Linsanity Evolved: A Field Trip To Madison Square Garden

I admit, I was a Linskeptic. I wrote earlier this week that Linsanity needed to stop, simply because the last thing the Knicks need right now is a false prophet who will clash with their designated star, Carmelo Anthony. Or a flash in the pan who will convince the Knicks to dump money into an […]

Linsanity Needs To Stop

A compliment sandwich is when you say two nice things about someone, and sandwich the criticism inside. So first thing’s first: Jeremy Lin is super awesome to watch and the last four Knicks games have been incredibly fun and this is a great story. But lost in the hysteria of Linsanity is the fact that […]

A Snapshot After The Super Bowl: Giants Win!!!!

Just when you thought the memory of Super Bowl 42 couldn’t get any better, it did. Super Bowl 46 was like pulling on your Super Bowl 42 sweatshirt, and then the pocket had had another Super Bowl victory in it. It was awesome, it was exhilarating, and it made the last four years of Giants […]

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