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Are the Knicks Missing Danilo Gallinari?

I remember having a conversation with a fellow die-hard Knicks fan on the eve of the New York Knicks’ trade of all its young talent for NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. The gist of what as a brief exchange as this: “One day, Danilo Gallinari will be an All-Star. He’s starting to get to the basket […]

Let Paterno Rest in Peace, but let’s not Forget the Real Issues in Question

On Sunday evening, Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno died of terminal lung cancer. Media speculation the next day has been centered around whether depression from being fired by Penn State for not disclosing to police authorities information he learned about allegations of child abuse on campus exacerbated the cancer.  These ruminations come, of course, […]

SoNY Podcast: New York Sports Blogger Kristine Reese Talks Jets-Giants

Sports of New York writer Argun M. Ulgen leads a podcast discussion with contributing SONY writer Kristine Reese on all matters Jets football, the over-exaggeration of the importance of interceptions in the NFL, and fantasy football strategy. In addition to her role at Sports of New York, Kristine Reese  provides valuable fantasy football insights and entertaining columns on the New York […]

Hot Off the NY Press & A Total Mess: Bullies of the Media Playground

WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts’ Commentary on Santonio Holmes, Bully Logic, and Women in Sports Journalism Professional sports may be played in magnificent stadiums and arenas, but they are essentially taking place in one big schoolyard.  The athletes are playing on the field while the press will hoot and holler from the playground several feet away. […]

2012 NBA Intelligencer: The Unusual Superstar, Chris Paul

In Part I of the NBA Intelligencer, a list of unsung attributes toward winning an NBA championship team was discussed.  In this continuation of the series, we look at a team whose supertar captain can amass bushels of statistical output, but is also capable of “changing the culture” of an entire squad by performing various non-statistical […]

Hot Off the NY Press and A Total Mess: Mike Lupica on Tim Tebow

“It’s Impossible Not to Believe in Tebow” By Mike Lupica of the Daily News [Monday, 12/13/11] Sports Reporter Mike Lupica resides in the pantheon of American sports journalism because he usually separates himself from sensationalist press while providing deftly written, well-reasoned, and cogent perspectives on myriad controversial topics.  However, even a savvy media vet like Mike Lupica decided to chug, […]

2012 NBA Intelligencer: Behind Superstar Clusters, Unsung Variables Will Determine 2012 NBA Champions

Introduction:  Focusing on the unsung variables of the championship-caliber basketball team Mainstream media coverage of NBA championship squads focus almost exclusively on scoring prowess, super-star “dominance,” and late-game heroics.  With the advent of the Internet media, rock star sports agents, and stratospheric multi-year salary agreements, it has become axiomatic that alignments of max salary NBA players are […]

Jets Playoff Life Support Update: Taking on the Bumbling Bills

No NFL team is more deeply situated in a playoff life support state than the New York Jets.  At 5-5 and one game behind the surprising 6-4 Cincinnati Bengals, the Jets will most likely have to win five out of their next six games to qualify for the playoffs as the sixth seed in the AFC. Their first test:  The plummeting 5-5 […]

NBA Lockout: I Love This (Privately-Owned) Game!

Legal battles. $400 million in revenues. Consolodation. Case dockets. Litigation, arbitration, negotiation. Baseless legal claims. Jurisidictions. As of now, these legal weapons have replaced zone defenses and pick n’ rolls in the National Basketball Association. The NBA is “Fan”tastic, but ultimately, it’s Corporate-centric. This concept may seem contradictory. After all, professional basketball is a sport best played […]

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks: Adults Up Front, Youngins’ Take the Back Seat

Adults Up Front 1.  Aaron Rodgers:  He did have an “off day” last Sunday, going 23-34 for 299 for 2 TDs / 1 INT.  Then again, if Rodgers posted his “off day” performances for his entire career, he’d still be a Hall of Famer. The Michael Jordan of the NFL? 2.  Drew Brees:  Supplants Tom […]

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