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Think you have what it takes to write critically about New York sports in the spotlight? Do you have a knack for clever and sophisticated writing? Do you love (or hate) New York sports? Are you a promising communications, journalism, or English major looking to showcase your talents on one of the most widely read sports blogs in New York and Boston? Have you been craving an outlet to share your stories and thoughts about the New York sports world? Can you articulate what’s going through the mind of a New York sports fan?

If this sounds like you, then now it’s time to plead your case. We’re always looking for exceptional writers and thinkers to join our team. Introduce yourself. Send us a resume, a writing sample, a haiku, all three, or something else you think will prove your worth. If we think you can make the cut, you’ll hear from us. Please direct all submissions to apply@sportsofnewyork.com.

Good luck!