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Could Randy Moss Be the Answer for the Jets?

Randy Moss (Townson/AP)

For his 35th birthday, Randy Moss decided to give a gift to the fans. He announced on Monday morning that he has decided to un-retire. Coming out of retirement is usually met by groans and complaints from the fans, but for a few teams, Moss’s decision could play a big role in the offseason.

Over next few months, you will likely hear Randy Moss paired with Terrell Owens. They’re two of the top three receivers in league history, they own countless records between them, and they both are looking to lace up the cleats one last time. Teams looking for one big signing to put them over the top will likely choose between the two.

However, I believe that Moss would be the most beneficial signing for the New York Jets. Last year the Jets proved that a big (albeit questionable) signing wouldn’t scare them off when they snagged Plaxico Burress. Signing Moss would create a formidable trio with Burress and Santonio Holmes. It could even best the Mario Manningham-Hakeem Nicks-Victor Cruz combo across town.

Though Terrell Owens has been more consistent into his later years, Moss still has the drive to play. Also, Moss hasn’t yet been demanding a huge payday. With Owens, it’s always about money; with Moss, it’s more about playing time, and with the struggles in seasons past, he shouldn’t worry about that with the Jets. If the Jets put together a solid draft class and add Moss, they may finally make the jump from chokers to elite.

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