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Bart Scott Gets Absurd $10,000 Fine For Obscene Gesture

Bart Scott gets fined for this? (Photo courtesy of Jeff Zelevansky/ NY Post)

Bart Scott was fined $10,000 by the Jets for giving a photographer the finger while cleaning out his locker after another disappointing Jets season. This seems like an extraordinary amount. Not because it wasn’t obscene, but because it was directed at a photographer for the New York Post. It’s the New York Post; they don’t have limits to their obscenity.

This is the same publication that has compared the stock market to a prostitute (complete with unrelated photo), photoshopped a cartoonish Tiger Woods to appear beaten, mocked a bullfighter being gored, and possibly best of all, added a thought bubble to a bloody, deceased terrorist that says “warm up the virgins.”

I imagine the Post staffers use the middle finger as ID to get past office security. “Good morning Mr. Mushnick.” “Hey, take a picture of this.” Staff meetings are probably like, “Peter, where are you on the story about MTA workers napping.” “It’s right f***ing here, boss (middle finger).”

Not to mention, at least Bart Scott gave what the Post was looking for; a money quote. He said,

“Take a picture of this. Get out of my [bleeping] face.”

If anything sums up the Jets season, it’s “Get out of my [bleeping] face,” and one big, middle finger. That should be directed at every player, coach, GM, owner, and fan that was forced to endure another year of bumbling buffoonery. That picture of Bart Scott giving the middle finger should be the image on the Jets 2011 highlight DVD, which I’m hoping is all of Mark Sanchez’s interceptions scored by Benny Hill music.

The NFL didn’t even intervene, saying the Jets handled this as “a club matter.” When has the NFL ever let any team handle it as a club matter? This is the same league that fines you for sock infractions. Even the NFL realizes The Post probably gets flipped off more often than a driver at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Sounds to me like the Jets are Daily News people. But at least that $10,000 is going to the right hands. I rest easy knowing the Jets will spend the money wisely.

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