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Sanchez Should Stay, The Rest Of The Jets Should Go

Mark Sanchez (Source: Getty Images)

After finishing 8-8, a lot of people think it’s time to end the Mark Sanchez experiment. Anyone that watched the Miami debacle could make a good argument that he should never play again, since it’s inconceivable that an NFL quarterback could throw two interceptions to a defensive lineman. But right now, the Jets are saying that Sanchez is the quarterback for 2012, and I reluctantly agree.

Sanchez should stay, not because he’s good, but because the rest of the team is so bad. There are way too many holes to fill in the off-season, beginning with the offensive line. Sanchez was sacked 39 times, with four opponents getting Defensive Players Of The Week honors. Even Joe Montana couldn’t complete a pass with Wayne Hunter at tackle. At running back, LaDainian Tomlinson will likely bring his Hall Of Fame bust elsewhere, which means the running back situation will be Shonn Greene and the distant hope that Danny Woodhead has a brother. Plaxico Burress will take his guns out of town, leaving Santonio Holmes as the only other capable wide receiver, assuming “The Captain” hasn’t offended the entire roster and Flight Crew by training camp.

On defense, the Jets need to replace Bart Scott since he is unable to play passing downs, which is a major liability for any linebacker since the invention of the forward pass. The Jets need at least two safeties since Jim Leonhard is often injured, Brodney Pool is a free agent, and Eric Smith is seemingly always on the wrong end of a touchdown. It would also be nice to get a pass rusher, and re-sign Sione Pouha, but that’s like asking for Justin Bieber to toughen up.

Peyton Manning?

What are the alternatives to Sanchez? People are clamoring to trade for Peyton Manning. Even with his insane salary aside, the Colts would want many draft picks, a few PSL’s at Metlife Stadium, and Fireman Ed thrown in. And does Peyton Manning want to come off several neck surgeries to have that offensive line protecting him? It’s a nice story, and would be fun if this was XBox, but Manning on the Jets isn’t realistic.

Other Free Agents

The other choices are merely choices. There’s Matt Flynn, the Packers backup, who may or may not be an upgrade. Just because he had six touchdowns last week doesn’t mean he’ll be successful in New York. It would take him half a season to get six touchdown passes with Brian Schottenheimer calling the plays. Other free agents include Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, and Donovan McNabb, but really, are those moves even worth talking about? My keyboard got sleepy just writing those names.

So we’re stuck with Sanchez. Plus, with Sanchez starting there’s a chance Kate Upton could show up at a game, which is the most promising news for the Jets in 2012.

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