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A Snapshot After Week 16: Jets And Giants Go Down To The Wire

By William Perlman, The Star-Ledger via US Presswire

The Jets lost this weekend. There is no reason to pretend the Giants won, because in truth they simply lost less. Their offense was absolutely anemic save for the Victor Cruz touchdown, the played sloppy on defense and special teams, and they submitted essentially a C- game that was much closer than the final score indicated.

On the other side, the Jets submitted an F- game and probably should have lost by twice as much. This game was what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, only the exact opposite. This isn’t like Juggernaut running into the Blob. It was this.

The Jets decided they wanted to be more of an embarrassment, and so it was. Now they will endure a punishing offseason that will probably see the dismantling of most of their team, coaching staff, and about 900 NY Post columns about how Mark Sanchez needs to go. (In order: team has enough talent, Rex Ryan should clean house, Sanchez will be fine.)

The Giants, meanwhile, are suddenly the Chargers East. They have the talent, they have an explosive offense and tons of defensive playmakers and just constantly fall short. The Chargers are about to fire their old ass coach, and the Giants… well, I think it would be a knee-jerk reaction, but if they do lose on Sunday night there is a definite possibility that Tom Coughlin will be yelling at his wife for not being five minutes early to dinner next year.

There is a lot riding on this final week of the regular season for the Jets and Giants, to say the least. The Jets are mathematically alive, but they will be eliminated a few minutes before the Giants game kicks off thanks to any combination of a Bengals, Raiders, Broncos, and Titans win. If those four lose, I think they back in to the playoffs, provided they beat Miami, which I don’t think they will. It will be a tremendous collapse for a preseason Super Bowl contender, and a bad blow to their short term championship window. Let’s just say this offseason will be… bumpy.

The Giants know what the deal is. Win and they’re in, lose and they’re out. If they do in fact lose, which I imagine they will do, they get the pleasure of watching a totally undeserving Cowboys team win a totally underserved division title. The only thing less deserved would be a Giants division title.

Seriously, this team lost to the Redskins TWICE. THE REDSKINS. REX GROSSMAN BEAT THEM TWICE. Rex Grossman is so bad at football that…

Yeah. OK, so the Seahawks loss is not as bad in retrospect. The Eagles loss – fine, they came on strong late. They had a shot against the Packers, and they got trounced by an excellent Saints team. Fine, I’ll give it to you. But this guy?

Come on.

So anyway, the Giants will now have a shot to take the division and match-up against either Detroit or Atlanta in the first round – two dome teams who will be playing in what could be a pretty frigid and windy Meadowlands in two weeks. They will have a fighting shot against two weak defenses. Their own defense will have to contend with some outstanding playmakers no matter what. They will probably lose 45-41, no matter who they play. But they will have to get through Dallas first.

Remember, Dallas had them dead to rights a few weeks ago. They are remarkable, extraordinary chokers – it really is a thing to behold. The Giants play to their opponents: if they play a bad team, they will play poorly. If they play a good team, they often get up, as evidenced by the Patriots and Packers games.

If they play a chokey bunch of choking chokers, lead by the chokingist choker who ever did choke?

Tony being Tony.

Just let him do his thing, boys.

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One comment for “A Snapshot After Week 16: Jets And Giants Go Down To The Wire”

  1. Nope if we win out we are the 6 seed no way we can get kenckod out, we control our own destiny which is all you can ask for at this point of the season. Heck we can even sneek in and pick up the 5 seed if we win out and the saints lose out, because they would lose a tiebreaker to tampa who they play week 17, and we hold the tiebreaker over tampa so that would make us 5 and tampa 6, and we’d get to play either St louis or Seattle in the first round…Pretty big longshot but that would be AWESOME!! GO PACK GO!!

    Posted by Kent | February 3, 2012, 11:42 pm

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