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Week 16 NFL Picks: Giants or Jets?

Jets v Giants (AP/Kosfroun)

The regular season is winding down. With Christmas on Sunday, games are pushed up to Saturday afternoon. Enjoy your football, and happy holidays from the SoNY family! As always, picks are in bold.

Houston @ Indianapolis

Good for the Colts to get a win, as no one deserves to go winless. Now that the talk of a winless season is over, will the Colts keep Manning? Does Caldwell keep his job? This is going to be a big off-season for the Colts front office. As for Houston, they missed a golden opportunity to capture a first-round bye, with Pitt and Balt both losing last week.

Arizona @ Cincinnati

If this game were played in Arizona, I would pick the Cardinals. The Bengals are going to need some help if they want to make the playoffs, but they need to take care of business themselves first. Things get a lot more difficult next week against Baltimore, so this is one they have to have.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee

That was a horrible, season-crushing loss to the winless Colts last week. A loss I predicted, but I didn’t think the Titans would play that poorly. They had an opportunity to get to 8-6 and get into a three-way tie for the sixth seed.

Miami @ New England

The #1 seed is most important for the Patriots because they are virtually unbeatable at home. I don’t think New England will blow this opportunity.

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Baltimore is a horrible road team, so Week 17 at Cincinnati would worry me if I were a Ravens fan. The Ravens desperately need to win the division and get at least one game at home in the playoffs. Otherwise, it could be another disappointing postseason in B-more.

Oakland @ Kansas City

The biggest upset of the year is a toss-up between KC beating GB and St.L beating NO. The Chiefs defense played as well as any defense has played all season. I haven’t seen Aaron Rodgers look this bad in a long, long time. As for the Raiders, they are in free fall and they desperately need D-Mac.

Minnesota @ Washington

Usually when Peterson voices his displeasure with the Vikings, they feed the beast to keep him happy. That’s not good news for the Redskins. The highlight of the weekend might have been Hall’s one-handed interception, what a play.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

Sunday was a huge step in the maturation process of Cam Newton. not only did he terrorize a good Texans defense through the air, he finished the game strongly. He wasn’t allowing another comeback to happen to the Panthers Sunday.

Denver @ Buffalo

Just what Tebowmania needed, the Buffalo Bills. Tebow played well, but the defense had no answer for the Patriots no-huddle offense. If I were the Bills, I’d seriously consider voiding Fitzpatrick’s contract.

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh

Ben would be crazy to play against the Rams. It was crazy enough that he played against the 49ers, he did not look right all game. At some point Tomlin needs to step in and flat out refuse to play him. They’re going to need him in the playoffs.

San Diego @ Detroit

What was more impressive Sunday, the Chargers demolishing the Ravens, or Calvin Johnson once again rescuing the Lions with ridiculous fourth quarter catches? How do you go 98 yards in less than 2 minutes? Throw jumpballs to Megatron. The Lions are one win away from their first playoff appearance in well over a decade.

Philadelphia @ Dallas

The Eagles looked IMPRESSIVE against the Jets, and it’s these big games where Romo shrinks. The Eagles keep their dreams of an NFC East division title alive with a big win in Dallas.

Chicago @ Green Bay

The sky is falling in Chicago, the Packers will be out for revenge and something gives me the feeling that they won’t have any mercy on the rival Bears.

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Atlanta is one win away from clinching a playoff spot and the Saints will want a first round bye, they need SF to lose. Which just happens to be a perfect segway into…

Upset Special

San Francisco @ Seattle

Short week for the 49ers, a huge season defining win, and they’re prize is running into a hot Seattle team. This is going to be a fun, hard hitting, defense struggle. It’s a battle of two defenses that are playing about as well as you can play. San Fran has not allowed a rushing TD all season, while Lynch has rushed for a TD in 9 of his last 10 games, something’s got to give. Lynch scores to make it 4 in a row for the streaking the Seahawks.

Key Matchup

NY Giants @ NY Jets

Both teams coming off an embarrassing performance on Sunday. Both teams desperately fighting for their playoff lives. Yet somehow, both teams control their own destiny: win out and they’re in. The Giants win because I trust Eli to bounce back from a rough outing, although his WRs didn’t give him much help. The game should have most of NY/NJ temporarily shut down for three and a half hours.

My Record:

  • Last Week: 10-6
  • Upset Special: 6-9 (TWO IN A ROW!)
  • Overall: 147-77

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