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Mark Sanchez Girlfriend Now Kate Upton?

Kate Upton (Source: Guess Spring 2011 Campaign)

One of the really crappy parts perks of being the franchise quarterback of a New York football team is the media’s endless fascination with your personal life and relentless need to create front page headlines.

Mark Sanchez has certainly filled his 2011 quota.

The handsome young quarterback has been linked to a number of lovely ladies, namely Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Hayden Panettiere (who was actually dating his best friend) and 17-year old Eliza Kruger (Allegedly. Supposedly). There was also a report last week from Page Six alleging the Sanchize romanced two lovely ladies at the Moderne Hotel in one evening.

Well now it seems that Mark Sanchez must actually be dating just one lovely lady and her name is Kate Upton.

Who is Kate Upton, you ask (though, I imagine some of you might already know)? Oh, just a Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit gal, no big deal. She has also been featured in numerous ad campaigns, including one for Guess (in case you are interested in that kind of thing).

According to the New York Post, Sanchez and Upton have been a couple for a few months now, which sort of makes that whole two-girls-in-one-night report kind of awkward:

He’s been spotted several times at the voluptuous blonde’s pad since November, usually after games or before practices — sometimes as late as midnight — rolling up in his black chauffeur-driven Navigator.

Sanchez was even seen in Upton’s building lobby carrying gifts for her after he attended a charity event early last month. On another occasion, Sanchez was spotted coming into the building with bags a minute or two after Upton arrived.

“They never come in together. He’s always five steps after her,” our source told us, adding that Sanchez often hides under a woolly hat.

The Post also notes that Kate and her sister Christie have attended a few Jets game this year, giving the report some validity.

Moreover, Christie Upton, Kate’s sister, is “a manager of client relations for the team and works closely with Sanchez.” according to the Post. This would explain the connection.

Despite the New York Post‘s reputation for being the gospel of truth and integrity, I’m going to encourage us to at least wait until we see a photo of them together before we start dreaming of an E! reality show.

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