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Week 15 NFL Picks: Can the Colts Finally Pick Up a W?

Peyton Manning (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

There’s nothing quite like December football. Let’s get straight into the picks, as always picks in bold.

Jacksonville @ Atlanta

The Falcons are well on their way to the fifth seed in the NFC and the Jags are well on their way to finding a new home.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay

The way Tampa has been playing, you would think this should be a laugher. Dallas of course finds new and improved ways to lose games. Dan Bailey might be killing that myth that icing the kicker doesn’t work. At least it wasn’t his own coach this time, right?

Miami @ Buffalo

I don’t understand the timing of the firing of Tony Sparano. Obviously his dismissal was inevitable, but why now? The team has been playing well. Why not fire him when they were 0-7 or simply wait three weeks to fire him? What do you gain by firing him now? It’s certainly not going to sit well with the players, who were playing hard for him.

Seattle @ Chicago

Marion Barber, you’ve just been Tebowed. How else do you explain how someone who fumbles as rarely as Barber (it was his sixth career fumble in almost 5000 touches) fumbles with the game on the line?

Green Bay @ Kansas City

I almost feel bad for the Chiefs, but I don’t. Isn’t it amazing that it’s been a year since the Packers actually lost a game?

New Orleans @ Minnesota

Percy Harvin is showing that when healthy, he is one of the game’s most dynamic playmakers. In the absence of Peterson, Harvin has taken the Vikings on his shoulder and elevated his game to a really high level. Now if only he could get his defense to do the same.

Washington @ NY Giants

Weird things always happen whenever the Giants play the Redskins, regardless of record. The resurrection of the Giants season began last week, but all will be for naught if they lose this week. They don’t want to go into next week possibly needing a win against the Jets to stay alive in the NFC East.

Carolina @ Houston

Yet another blow to the Texans, defensive guru Wade Phillips is having surgery this week. Andre Johnson continues to miss time, Schaub isn’t coming back anytime soon, and yet they keep winning. Congratulations to the Texans for winning clinching their first playoff berth in franchise history.

Cincinnati @ St. Louis

That must be a tough, tough loss for the Bengals to swallow. The Bengals have hung their hopes all season long on their defense and they failed them against a third string defense. All is not lost though, if the Bengals can with these next two against St. Louis and Arizona, they’re right back in the thick of the wildcard picture. In a strange year, nine wins may be good enough for the AFC wildcard berth.

Detroit @ Oakland

The Lions nearly blew a 17-point lead to Joe Webb. The Raiders just get blown out. If you like points, this is the game for you.

Cleveland @ Arizona

There’s just something about the Cardinals that intrigues me. Whatever it is, it definitely isn’t their quarterback play.

NY Jets @ Philadelphia

The Jets have everything to play for and if they play the first three-quarters the way they played against the Redskins, they’ll be in deep trouble Sunday. While the Eagles have been a disappointment, there is no disregarding the talent on both sides of the ball. The Jets have had trouble with pass protection all year and that’s exactly what the Eagles do best, rush the passer. The Jets better get a 30-carry, 120-yard game from Greene. I don’t think it happens.

Baltimore @ San Diego

The Ravens put a halt to the semi-annual Chargers second half rally. The question the Ravens should be asking themselves though is… can Joe Flacco really win you a Super Bowl right?

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco

Priority #1 should be making sure Ben Roethlisberger gets to January in on piece. Priority #2 should be making sure James Harrison doesn’t kill some helpless quarterback and get himself suspended for playoff games.

Upset Special

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

I mean, I figure since I finally got an upset special correct, I might as well go for the big one right? I don’t see the Colts going winless.

Key Matchup

New England @ Denver

Tom Brady, the architect for some of the greatest aerial displays in NFL history versus Tim Tebow, who’s passing has thrown the NFL back 50 years. The Broncos should put up a good fight, but surely this task is too daunting, ever for Tebow, right?

My Record:

  • Last Week: 15-1 (On the SoB/SoNY Pick ‘em it says 13-3 but I actually picked Houston and the Giants)
  • Upset Special: 5-9
  • Overall: 137-71

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