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A Snapshot After Week 13: Giants And Jets On A Collision Course

Jets vs. Giants

There is a problem with comparing the Giants 38-35 loss to undefeated Green Bay this weekend with the Giants 38-35 loss to undefeated New England back in 2007. The Patriots game was the last game of that season, and sparked the Giants on a four-game win streak that left them champions. To equal that result this year, the Giants would have to win 8 straight games – starting with this weekend against Dallas. That’s a tall order.

Thankfully, both the Giants and Jets are getting a little help.

Throw out both results from this weekend – yeah, the Jets basically dominated a terrible team, and the Giants nearly beat a powerhouse. The important results were in Arizona, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and other cities across this great football nation.

Dallas crapped the bed against the Cardinals, losing a game that could have probably clinched them the NFC East, and now have to beat the Giants once, plus desperate Tampa Bay and Philadelphia, in order to win the division. This team was basically built to choke – from the quarterback to the coach, there is not a lot that inspires confidence on the Cowboys, and beating them this weekend would set up a Week 17 showdown for all the marbles. We all know Tony Romo loves to step up in big moments.

Second, the Bengals were routed by their division rivals and find themselves tied with four teams, including the Jets, for the final Wild Card slot. Oakland rolled over to a suddenly frisky Dolphins team, while Tennessee has won two in a row but will face the Saints this week and the Texans top three defense the last week of the season.

Finally, Chicago looked absolutely awful against Kansas City and will take on the Jesuit Avenger a mile closer to God this weekend. Couple that with a total team implosion in Detroit and the struggling Matt Ryan in Atlanta, and you’ve got a recipe for the Giants and Jets to control their playoff destiny.

It’s all very simple: Both teams need to win out to be safe. There are myriad scenarios involving other teams losing, but the basic gist of it is four more wins in four more games and both squads will most likely move on. The problem, of course, is that both teams can’t win out. When the Giants and Jets face off in New York on Christmas Eve, someone is going home a loser.

Actually, a tie would pretty much screw both teams and be the ultimate in poetic justice, but let’s assume we get a nice, neat conclusion.

If the Jets beat the Giants and end up with 11 wins, the Giants could possibly, POSSIBLY still sneak in if they beat Dallas twice. But basically, you’ve got a battle for New York supremacy, plus the playoffs, plus both coaches’ jobs and a whole host of other subplots rolled into one.

It sounds like a blockbuster film come to life:

Whoever Wins, We Win.

When Giants and Titans Clash, Don’t Get Caught Underfoot.

Some Guys In Pads Are Gonna Push Each Other.

Coming this Christmas. Rated R.

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