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Jose Reyes Offered 6-Year Deal by Marlins

Fans want Jose Reyes back (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Reports are that Jose Reyes was offered 6 years, $90 million from the Marlins. This offer does two things.

One: if the Mets were ever serious about resigning Reyes this keeps the Mets in the ballpark. While they want to cut payroll, $15 million for a player as important as Reyes is well worth it. It’s a much better offer than what most people were expecting Reyes would command in July, when they refused to trade Reyes at the deadline. I understand the Mets’ unwillingness to go to a sixth year, but there is no way Reyes would sign a five-year deal and the Mets had to have known that.

Two: Reyes has always said he wanted to stay in Queens and I can imagine how hamstrung the Mets front office must feel now. If the Mets allow Reyes to go to Florida for 6 years, at $15 million per, imagine the outrage among the fan-base. It’s almost becoming a no win situation for the Mets. I think they would have much rather Reyes signed with someone else for say… 7 years, $114.5 million or 6 years $102 million… so they could claim they were priced out.

Just how serious are the Mets about re-signing Reyes? We’ll see. Reyes has made his move, it’s your turn now, Mets.

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