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2011 Fantasy NFL Week 10 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Jay Cutler will have a good week (

Quick: Raise your hand if you played Tim Tebow over Ryan Fitzpatrick this past week. No hands? You would have raised your hand sky high with a victory if you had read this column last week. I also hope you listened and played Brandon Jacobs. On the same note, if I ever recommend sitting Rob Gronkowski again, feel free to do otherwise. Here is a look at this weeks picks, and remember to set your lineup early as there is a game today.

Start ‘Em

QB:  Jay Cutler

RB:  Chris Johnson (I think he returns to form this week)

WR:  Dez Bryant (I expect this will be his first 100 yard game of the season)

TE:  Jake Ballard (Can you say “safety valve”)

DEF:  Miami Dolphins (No I have not lost my mind)

Sit ‘Em

QB:  Tom Brady (Place your bets now:  Cutler gets more fantasy points than Brady this week)

RB:  Demarco Murray (I see more passing in this game than running)

WR:  Larry Fitzgerald (I bet he gets less than 50 yards this game)

TE:  Vernon Davis

DEF:  Chicago Bears

As usual feel free to compare your notes to mine and make your own suggestions.

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