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2011 Week 9 Fantasy Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Will Jacobs save your team? (

This football season is really heating up and the fantasy football season only has a few weeks left until the playoffs start.  Playoffs?  Yes playoffs.  Now is the time to make your playoff run.  I am currently in three fantasy leagues, including a league with my fellow sportswriters of this website, and i have the most points and best record in all three, so I must be doing something right.  Hopefully, you have been following my advice in this column and doing well in your league as well.  I am sure you are glad you started Eli Manning and benched Philip Rivers last week.  Feel free to comment, positively or negatively on anything you see below.

Start ‘Em

QB:  Tim Tebow (Oakland loves giving up fantasy points to quarterbacks)

RB:  Brandon Jacobs (If Ahmad Bradshaw does not play)

WR:  Mario Manningham (If Nicks does indeed sit, I bet Manningham scores in the top 5 WR’s for the week)

TE:  Dustin Keller

DEF:  Dallas Cowboys

Sit ‘Em

QB:  Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB:  Willis McGahee

WR:  DeSean Jackson

TE:  Rob Gronkowski (let this be the only week you bench him)

DEF:  New England Patriots

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