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Islanders Weekly: Bad Officiating Leave Isles With One Point

Reasoner Battles Couture (Kathy Kmonicek - AP)

Back to Back With The Pens

The Isles took on their Pittsburgh Rivals, the Penguins, in a grudge match from last year’s 9-3 victory. This time, it was the Penguins who had the last laugh. The Islanders could barely make it past the blue line and when they did, the chances and shots were there. The shots could not connect as Mark-Andre Fleury stopped everything that was sent his way. The Penguins pulled off the 3-0 upset and the hometown crowd on Long Island let their team feel it.

The Islanders than traveled to Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins for the second time this season. The Islanders kept a 2-0 lead until the third period, and then the Pens came out swinging. The game was tied up and headed to overtime. Neither team could get it done in the extra minutes, thus heading to a shootout. Evgeni Nabakov was slightly injured during the game and was replaced by Rick DiPietro during the shootout. The shootout commenced and DiPietro watched one of the pucks trickle past him, ending the game for the Islanders.

Controversy With The Sharks

The Islanders arrived home to take on the San Jose Sharks, who are looking hot. The Islanders and the Sharks also made it to overtime, where a controversial call by the officials ended the game. The puck hit the glass and went in to the crowd. This would typically be a face-off in the neutral zone. The referees called it a delay of game penalty against the Islanders, leading to a 4-on-3 for the remainder of overtime. The Sharks scored on this leaving the Islanders with another loss. The players let the officials have it, breaking their sticks and letting their voices be heard.

The Islanders are not treated as the rest of the NHL teams are. The elite teams get special treatment and leeway during games. That call would not have been made if the game involved Pittsburgh or Washington. Expect the Islanders to get hot after this and come out swinging. Proving time is here and the NHL needs to take notice of the boys in blue and orange.


Trevor Gillies has been placed on waivers and sent down to Bridgeport along with Nino Niedereitter.

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