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Week 8 NFL Picks: Featuring AFC Elites Patriots at Steelers

Mike Wallace (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Quick hits from Week 7:

  • Philip Rivers is slowly turning into Eli Manning.
  • Drew Brees went 31/35. That’s an 88.6% completion percentage. Think about that for a second.
  • Talking about bursting onto the scene, Demarco Murray’s first run goes for 91. He finishes the day with a Cowboys record 253 on just 25 carries.
  • Still dumbfounded as to why Matt Forte doesn’t have a new contract yet.
  • Arizona, Mike Wallace is fast. Wallace has had a 40+ yard reception in every game this year besides Week 1.
  • As is Steve Smith, Washington.
  • After watching Kyle Boller play, I was thinking, OK, maybe I can see why the Raiders needed a quarterback so badly. Then Carson Palmer came in and reconfirmed what a lot of people already thought—he’s washed up.
  • Arian Foster will get all the highlights (234 total yards and 3 total TDs) but Houston’s offensive line is turning into one of the best in the NFL.
  • What a huge game and kick by Josh Scobee. With just under 2 minutes to play Scobee drilled a 51-yarder. The difference between a 2 and 5-point lead is huge at the end of games.
  • Two horrible calls stood out for me last weekend. One, the pass interference call on Quentin Jammer against Santonio Holmes, it’s hard to play the ball better than Jammer. It was a huge call because it allowed the Jets to run the clock down and we saw what the Chargers were able to do, or not do, what their limited time. The second being the personal foul penalty on Bernard Pollard on a third-down on opening drive of the third quarter. Pollard leads with his shoulder and nails him right when the ball gets there. The Jags take the ball inside the ten, and they get a FG out of the drive.

Before we get into the picks, I would like to point out a few changes to the Weekly Picks. The score predictions and the weekly “Best Pick” are both gone… as always, picks are in bold

Minnesota @ Carolina

Before we get Tim Tebow crazy, let’s take some time to remember that Carolina has an exponentially better version. If Cam Newton can fix his turnover problem in a few years, this guy is going to be special.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

The Colts have given up. There’s no way to sugar coat it. They got absolutely embarrassed Sunday night. Tennessee got equally embarrassed last week, too.

New Orleans @ St. Louis

I sort of feel bad for the Rams, no one deserves this schedule. If I’m Sam Bradford, I might sit out another week.

Miami @ New York Giants

In Miami’s defense, you can see that they’re trying and playing hard. They haven’t given up on their coach yet, besides maybe Brandon Marshall. For the Giants, this is a must-win before they head to New England and San Fran.

Arizona @ Baltimore

Joe Flacco on Monday Night: 3.6 yards/attempt, and 61.0 QB Rating. Flacco already has 8 turnovers (he only had 14 all of last year). His completion percentage? 52.1. The Ravens aren’t going to win a Super Bowl unless Flacco steps up.

Jacksonville @ Houston

Without question, the Texans are the class of the Division, but if the Jags can somehow play defense like they played last week against the Ravens and steal one in Houston, we might have a division race on our hands.

Washington @ Buffalo

Losing Santana Moss for at least a month really hurts the Redskins offense. They really only have two reliable receiving options now in Fred Davis and Jabar Gaffney. The next healthy receiver on the receptions list is Terrence Austin at a whopping 58 yards. The Bills made a subtle but very smart move when they acquired Nick Barnett in the off-season. He is a versatile and highly skilled middle linebacker.

Detroit @ Denver

Tim Tebow is getting all the attention in Denver, but how good has Von Miller been? Remember him? The second pick in this year’s draft has six sacks already. The Lions have dropped two straight but I don’t think it’s time to start worrying yet. I mean, we didn’t really expect this team to go undefeated.

Cincinnati @ Seattle

I’m picking the Seahawks this week even though White-Jesus is starting. That’s my nickname for Charlie Whitehurst. He dons the Jesus look even better than Johnny Damon did. Heck I’m picking the Seahawks because they’re starting him. I don’t care if he was 12/30 last week.

Cleveland @ San Francisco

The Browns win last week might have taken the NFL back 50 years. The Browns held the ball for just under 43 minutes and scored 6 points on a pair of 50+ yard FGs. Unfortunately the ‘Niners are not the Seahawks—they’ll be able to score points and hold onto the ball a little bit. They have a running back by the name of Frank Gore.

Dallas @ Philadelphia

I want to pick the Cowboys because they Eagles cannot stop the run. I had to remind myself that the Cowboys ran for 294 yards against the Rams. They really cannot run the ball that well. I think Tony Romo has one more Romo moment saved for Sunday night, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

San Diego @ Kansas City

We have to give kudos to the Chiefs for making this a very important Monday night game, especially after losing their best offensive and defensive player for the year. If you want to show footage of how to not run a two-minute drill, show the Chargers vs. the Jets last week. It was absolutely inexcusable by a quarterback as good and experienced as Rivers.

Upset Special + Key Matchup

New England @ Pittsburgh

Quite possibly the two best teams in the AFC right now square off in this key matchup. These are two very good offensive teams. They do it a little differently though. The Patriots run a lot of timing routes and crossing routes. They don’t really have a deep threat so they methodically work their way down the field. The Steelers do it the other way. They stretch the field with their young fast WRs and take advantage of the space created underneath if they play two deep safeties. The key to Pittsburgh’s revival has been the offensive line. They’ve been playing better and Ben is getting more time in the pocket to look down the field. I don’t see New England’s defense really being able to handle the Steelers offense.


  • Last Week: 7-6
  • Upset Special: 2-5
  • Overall: 69-34

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