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Week 7 NFL Picks: Featuring Chargers at the Jets

LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Quick Hits from Week 6:

  • Why in the world is Matt Moore throwing jumpballs against Darrelle Revis?
  • The Eagles really ought to be 1-5 right now. What an inexplicable turnover by Rex Grossman following the even more inexplicable turnover by Vince Young.
  • See what happens when you don’t turn the ball over Eli? Also, Jake Ballard is turning out to be a real weapon.
  • I have no problem with what Jim Harbaugh did on Sunday, nor do I have any problem with the way Jim Schwartz reacted. They both highly animated, passionate coaches and these types of things tend to happen. Nobody likes to lose.
  • You have to be impressed by the 49ers, they’ve beaten the Eagles, Bucs, and Lions in the last three weeks. They have a realistic shot at a playoff bye.
  • So much for the slow start by Frank Gore. He’s gone for 125+ in his last three games on no more than 20 carries each game.
  • Did anyone expect Tom Brady to not score a TD on the final drive against the Cowboys?
  • Huge win for the Bucs.

On we go to the picks, as always picks are in bold.

Atlanta @ Detroit 24-20

The Falcons played their best game on Sunday. No surprise that Matt Ryan only threw the ball 22 times and Turner ran for 139. The loss obviously didn’t sit well with the Lions and I expect an inspired performance on Sunday. It might be a little more difficult if Jahvid Best doesn’t play, but I expect the Lions to bounce back.

Seattle @ Cleveland 20-14

Yes, Seattle beat the Giants on the road but no, I still don’t trust them on the road. The Browns need Peyton Hillis to show up instead of whining about his contract. He can learn from what Matt Forte is doing—earning a new deal.

Houston @ Tennessee 23-20

This is a huge AFC South matchup. It doesn’t look like Andre Johnson will be playing but after watching Pittsburgh dismantle the Titans defense, I’m convinced the Texans can do the same. I really cannot figure out the Titans. I’m picking the Texans just because I picked them to win the division in the preseason.

Denver @ Miami 17-13

They have to win eventually right, and if not now, then when? This is also Week 1 of the Tim Tebow experiment, MUST SEE TV (sarcasm, in case you guys missed it). But truth is he’s intriguing enough to make a game between two teams with a combined 1-9 record moderately interesting.

Washington @ Carolina 27-20

That didn’t take long for Rex Grossman to show his true colors. I don’t understand the benching though. If you’re going to put that short of a leash on him then why even give him the starting job? This isn’t college football folks, it’s the NFL. They’re 3-2 with him as the starter and in first place in the NFC East.

Kansas City @ Oakland 24-10

A first and second rounder for a washed up Carson Palmer… really? I know you can’t turn your season over to Kyle Boller or Terrelle Pryor, but that’s a serious overreaction.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona 24-20

This is rematch of the ’09 Super Bowl. It would be a compelling rematch if you know… the Cardinals were any good. I don’t think it’ll be easy for the Steelers, but I do expect them to win this game. The Cardinals can do enough good things on offense to make things competitive, but that defense is a work in progress.

St. Louis @ Dallas 23-17

At least Romo didn’t lose the game for them on Sunday. Honestly guys, is Brandon Lloyd really the savior for the Rams? I don’t think so.

Green Bay @ Minnesota 31-20

What a great way to ease Christian Ponder into the NFL. Your first NFL start is against the defending Super Bowl Champs. On a totally unrelated note, how bad is that State Farm Aaron Rodgers commercial? Peyton Manning is still the quarterbacking king of funny commercials.

Indianapolis @ New Orleans 30-17

Tough loss last week against the Bucs but the Saints couldn’t have asked for a better opponent to right the ship. Keeping with the Super Bowl rematch theme, this is a rematch of the ’10 Super Bowl.

Best Pick

Baltimore @ Jacksonville 27-13

Ed Reed must be licking his chops in anticipation of this game. I know I picked the Steelers to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl before the season, but I’m changing the pick to the Ravens. They beat a Texan team by 15 in a game that the Texans played reasonably well.

Upset Special

Chicago @ Tampa Bay 24-20

For the life of me, I have no idea how Chicago is favored in this game. Am I missing something? I might even pick Tampa to win if they were playing in Chicago. They’ve already beaten NO and Atlanta.

Key Matchup

San Diego @ New York Jets 27-17

By default, this is the game of the week. The Jets rebounded in a big way last week, dominating a terrible Dolphins team. The thing that scares me about this game isn’t Philip Rivers. It’s the Jets run defense against the Ryan Matthews. The Jets run defense has shown it’s susceptible to the big run and Matthews has really emerged as the Chargers’ main offensive weapon.


  • Last Week: 10-3
  • Best Picks: 5-1
  • Upset Special: 2-4
  • Overall: 62-28

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