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2011 Week 6: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

will tom brady show up this week?  (

By now, I hope you have been following my advice on who to play and telling your friends and family about this weekly article. I have been spot on for most of the recommendations including playing Alex Smith, Victor Cruz and Heath Miller last week (all of whom were available in most leagues). Those of you who did not start Josh Freeman, James Starks or Lance Moore because of this column can thank me later. Now on to week 6’s advice.

Start ‘Em

QB: Josh Freeman (he should have a huge bounce back week)

RB: Earnest Graham (go right now, take him off your waiver wire and start him this week)

WR: Mike Williams (TB) (he should be available on the waiver wire, too)

TE: Dustin Keller (he has had two really poor weeks in a row.  I do not expect 3 in a row)

DEF: Oakland Raiders

Sit ‘Em

QB: Tom Brady (Cowboys are coming for him. I bet he scores in the bottom ten for QB’s this week)

RB: DeAngelo Williams (huge week last week, not this week)

WR: Victor Cruz (defenses are going to cover him much more now that they know his talents)

TE: Fred Davis

DEF: Buffalo Bills

Feel free to compare and contrast, and do not forget to tip your waiter.  I will be back next week.

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3 comments for “2011 Week 6: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em”

  1. New Post: 2011 Week 6: Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

    Posted by Sports of New York | October 15, 2011, 5:37 pm
  2. I don’t mean to undermine your opinion but I don’t think Tom Brady should be sat, ever. I think he’s in that auto-start regardless of matchup class. Great call on all the other picks though. I always look forward to reading these and trying to figure out why each player is specifically picked out.

    Posted by A Lee | October 17, 2011, 2:21 pm
  3. In fairness, I agree that you should never sit Brady. But you do have to look at the fact, that I was right, that he did not have a Brady type game (scoring his lowest fantasy total of the year) and the quarterback I recommended to play, Josh Freeman (who is available in most leagues on the waiver wire) did have a better game

    Posted by Saltzy | October 19, 2011, 10:25 pm

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