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Week 6 NFL Picks: Giants and Jets Rebound

The Lions and Packers are on a collision course for an epic Thanksgiving Day meeting. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America)

Quick hits from Week 5:

  • Do we bury the Eagles or praise the Bills?
  • These are the sort of games that seemingly happen all the time for the Giants. How can they lose at home to Seattle?
  • Could the Lions and Packers be headed for a Thanksgiving Day clash of undefeated teams?
  • What a heck of a game Jay Cutler played. It’s a shame the rest of the team were beyond abysmal.
  • In the stat sheets Jay Cutler only got sacked three times Monday night but it’s amazing the type of pressure the Lions are able to get with just four rushers.
  • So is Andy Dalton to AJ Green.
  • TEBOW!

Let’s hope Week 6 is better than Week 5, where I went 6-7. As always picks are in bold.

Buffalo @ New York Giants 27-24

The Giants’ backs are against the wall again after a perplexing and frustrating loss to Seattle. This is usually when the Giants rise up and show their best. Add that to the fact that everyone seems to be on the Bills bandwagon. The key to the game is whether the Giants can find a way to bog down Fred Jackson.

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati 23-20

I can’t decide what has been more intriguing to watch the past two weeks, Dalton to Green or Painter to Garcon.

Carolina @ Atlanta 31-27

Run the ball Atlanta and do what you do best—which was getting and converting third and short to mediums.

Philadelphia @ Washington 28-20

I don’t know why I keep picking the Eagles… I really don’t.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh 27-10

Never bury the Steelers because they are capable of performances like last Sunday. They dismantled and had their way with the league’s #1 ranked defense.

Cleveland @ Oakland 23-20

Folks, the Raiders are for real. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and officially picking them to beat out the Jets for the sixth and final playoff spot.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay 34-27

It’s really been two weeks since the Bucs have played well. They escaped against the Colts and got blitzed by the 49ers. The Bucs and Josh Freeman are notorious fighters, but it seemed like they rolled over against the 49ers.

Houston @ Baltimore 24-13

The Texans got stopped by the Raiders on the final play of the game by 10 men. This team is still as inconsistent as ever, and they need to learn to finish drives. The more I see the Ravens, the more I like them to represent the AFC in February.

Dallas @ New England 38-31

Tom Brady simply does not lose at home, but this game is not going to be a cakewalk. The Cowboys are coming off a bye and should have Miles Austin and Dez Bryant healthy. I’d be tempted to pick Dallas in an upset if this were played in Texas.

Miami @ New York Jets 20-14

I said we’d learn a lot more about the Jets after their three-game road trip. Well what we learned is that the Jets are going to be in a dog fight for the sixth and final playoff spot with Houston or Tennessee, Cincy, Cleveland, and a team they already lost to, the Raiders.

Best Pick

St. Louis @ Green Bay 28-6

This is long overdue but I think Aaron Rodgers has earned his title belt. He is the undisputed best quarterback in the NFL right now.

Upset Special

Minnesota @ Chicago 21-20

I think they got the message. Good things happen when you give the ball to your best player. Forget that for a second and let’s talk about the Bears defense. They had all sorts of problems stopping a simple trap play. I know the Lions don’t run a lot and the Best run might have caught them by surprise but for someone to go 88 yards untouched in this league is quite amazing. It just goes to show how far the Bears defense has fallen. The safety play has been horrendous and they’re going to need to address that problem. Back to the Vikings and particularly Peterson; they need to keep feeding Peterson 30+ times a game. Their defense, particularly the pass rush, is good enough for them to win some games. I believe they are better than their record indicates. They can honestly finish with the worst record in the NFC because they have a gauntlet of a schedule left. They could easily finish 4-12 or 5-11 but realistically they should be more like a .500 team.

Key Matchup

San Francisco @ Detroit 24-21

Who would have thought that the Lions and ‘Niners would be a combined 9-1 heading into this matchup? As a Lions fan, the most gratifying thing about them being 5-0 is the fact that I’ve lived through 5-47 and 0-16. The Lions have the same amount of wins in 5 weeks than they had in 3+ seasons. I expect them to be 10-0 heading into Thanksgiving and no worse than 9-1. The Lions ran the ball exceptionally well when they had to kill the game against the Bears. They’re evolving into an elite team. I don’t think they’re quite there yet, but they’re getting there. The 49ers are riding high, demolishing a playoff-contending Tampa team 48-3. They have firmly cemented themselves as the class of the NFC West.

The Record

  • Last Week: 6-7
  • Best Pick: 4-1
  • Upset Special: 2-3
  • Overall: 52-25

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