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Rex Ryan Denies That Jets WRs Called Out Brian Schottenheimer

Brian Schottenheimer (Geoff Burke/US Presswire)

The Jets are denying a report that receivers Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress, and Santonio Holmes separately had private conversations with Rex Ryan criticizing offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer.

“That’s Ripley’s to me. If it is [true], maybe I got hit in the head or something. I don’t remember that.” – Rex Ryan

This denial isn’t very conclusive; since it’s perfectly plausible Rex did get hit in the head. Plus, I don’t see guys like Plax and Holmes not speaking their minds after three awful offensive performances.

If it did happen, I commend them for taking what seems to be a respectable route- going directly to the head coach instead of on Twitter. Because let’s face facts, #Schottystinks.


Schottenheimer’s play calling in last year’s AFC Championship prevented a Super Bowl trip. This year, the offense has been offensive, ranking 28th in the league behind teams like the Chiefs, Broncos, Vikings, Browns, Titans, and Buccaneers.

Running Game

The running game is as predictable as a Saved By The Bell episode. When they run, it’s usually off tackle, and it’s usually stuffed. If Tomlinson is in, it’s a pass. This is one main reason why the Jets are ranked 31st in rushing. At least in Saved By The Bell, we occasionally got a nerd, or something momumentally uncomfortable.

The Jets actually did a decent job of running against the Patriots, but couldn’t sustain any drives because Schottenheimer never generates easy gains. The Jets went 3 for 11 on third down conversions. They also had seven three-and-outs, which meant way too much playing time for a defense that ultimately wore down, making BenJarvus Green-Amber-Thiessen look way too good.


The passing game has been putrid, especially during the three losses. Against the Patriots on Sunday, statistically the worst defense against the pass this season, the Jets managed just 166 yards in the air. Against the Ravens, Sanchez had 119 yards on only 11 completions. (Eleven? Really? Yes. Eleven. For the half? No, the whole game. That seems impossible. What do you want me to tell you? He had only eleven completions.) Against Oakland, Sanchez did have 369 yards, but failed to control the game against an inferior team.

Run, Run, Pass, Punt

Good coordinators find a way to get their best players the ball, but Schottenheimer is not a good coordinator. In the last three games, Santonio Holmes has only nine catches, Plaxico just 11. Right now the biggest offensive threat is Joe McKnight on special teams.

The finger pointing shouldn’t only go to the coordinator, but Schottenheimer deserves the majority of the criticism. He refuses to adjust to opposing defenses, and the result is usually a punt. He has shown nothing imaginative, and nothing confusing. There have been no screens, no reverses, no deep balls. There is very little exploiting of one-on-one matchups. I would even take the wildcat at this point. This is why the Jets are the 5th worst total offense in the league. That’s also why Burress, Mason, and Holmes have every right to seek help.

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