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NBA Lockout Update: Season’s First 2 Weeks Cancelled

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On Monday, after hours of tireless labor meetings, NBA commissioner David Stern unveiled the unfortunate news that the first two weeks of NBA regular season games have already been cancelled. Even though this decision was expected by most since preseason games had already been canceled, many NBA fans and employees were still heartbroken by the news. This time of year is usually intended for evaluating rosters and building enthusiasm towards the upcoming season, but this year the only question being asked is, will we have a season at all?

Unlike with the NFL lockout, which took place over the summer, there has been a negative feeling toward the NBA lockout. With the NFL, many felt that eventually a deal would be done and no games would be missed, and that is not the case with the NBA. This is primarily due to the fact that the NBA players have other options like going to play overseas, where as the NFL players had no other choices. Many NBA players such as Deron Williams, who is playing basketball in Turkey right now, have already inked deals in other countries.

Effect in New York

In New York, the mood is a somber one as fans citywide are preparing for life without basketball. Whether its the Knicks or St John’s, winter time in New York is always filled with great basketball action, however this year the Knicks will not be taking the Garden floor anytime soon. The timing of this lockout could not be worse simply because the Knicks are finally relevant for the first time in almost a decade and their starving fan base was excited for the season.

Not only will this lockout effect Knick fans, but local merchants and employees of Madison Square Garden are sure to take a hit. These are the people who are set to lose the most from this lockout. While the extremely wealthy owners negotiate with the disgustingly rich players, most of the employees of the NBA are common workers who are dependent on their jobs. How about the hotdog vendor that depends on the Knick fans pouring out of Madison Square Garden a couple times a week? This lockout is going to cause problems for many people behind the scenes of the NBA , something that the players and the owners do not seem to concerned about.

Overall it is likely that the NBA will not miss an entire season. Although cancelations are already taking place, I feel that the owners and players will eventually come to an agreement and play a shortened regular season as they did in 1998-1999. Until then, fans and employees of the NBA are going to have to stay optimistic and follow this saga day by day.

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