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Jets Employee Spotted Videotaping: Spygate 2.0 Over Before It Even Started?


A report from Pro Football Talk (which is quickly turning into the gossip site of the NFL) released this morning explains that several members of the PFT staff have still frame photos of a Jets employee filming on the sidelines in Sunday’ game in Foxboro. The still frame photo was taken from the CBS broadcast at the start of the second quarter and shows a man in a green vest filming over the shoulder of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

The report quickly brought up memories of the 2007 Patriots “Spygate” scandal and it’s easy to see why. This looks bad.

The Jets were not having the accusations that they “spied” on the Patriots and quickly released an official statement regarding the PFT report explaining they complied with NFL rules and nothing illegal happened.

 ”The Camera man in the picture (on PFT) works for Jets TV, is wearing a green vest and shoots footage for our team programming.”

The Jets specifically cited the 2011 rules on sideline media which reads, ” [c]lub video crews and video crews from television stations that produce and telecast club-licensed programming (e.g. coaches’ shows, team magazine-style shows, etc.) may also be permitted to have a camera on the sidelines to shoot footage for those club-licensed programs only.”

The team also added that all official video personnel must wear a lime green vest to distinguish themselves.

So, that explains the ugly garb. Whose awful idea was that?

To be clear, NFL teams -per the 2011 rules – are permitted to have video personnel on the sidelines for in-house production. Any team can do this, as long as the dude wears an ugly vest.

Any team can do this. Which means every team is. Doesn’t make it right but don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

PFT later updated the post after the Jets offered an explanation and of course, they could not resist doing so without adding snarky commentary.

Obviously, I have to take what the Jets are saying at face value but I do hope the league thoroughly investigates the situation and if they find that any rules were violated they have to act in the same manner as they did when the Patriots were caught.

The Patriots were charged with a hefty fine and draft picks for their involvement in Spygate. Quite the punishment for Bill Belichick, who we all know doesn’t even use his draft picks but rather keeps them in a glass case for us to marvel at.

To be fair, he was fined $500,000, which is a lot of money and a lot of hoodies.

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