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Cardinals-Phillies Busch Squirrel Proves Modern Baseball Player Less Advanced than Prehistoric Cave Dweller

The Busch Squirrel (Photo from Twitter)

Back in the Paleolithic age, some 30,000 years ago, cave dwellers painted various large wild animals inside their homes. The paintings served as warnings to other dwellers that these dangerous beasts were roaming about, and as instructional devices on how to hunt or defend against them.

Today, through the advent of various other communicative mediums, including video technology and Twitter, the smaller, friendlier animals are getting more archival coverage.

After a squirrel’s mildly disruptive appearance in game four of the NLDS between the St. Loius Cardinals and Phladelphia Phillies (it ran across home-plate on a 1-1 pitch called a ball), the bushy-haired critter was instantaneously immortalized over the Internet. Named “Busch Squirrel” on Twitter, it currently more than 14,000 followers: more in a single evening than a prehistoric cave painting had over tens of thousands of years. Civilization has come a long way, baby!

Or perhaps not. Cave dwellers apparently handled their business with the beasts by calmly communicating the presence of these lethal animals and then fending them off with hand-made weapons. On the other hand, modern baseball players handle benign, nut-gathering quadrapeds by throwing a guff. Really, what does Roy Oswalt or Phillies manager Charlie Manuel have to complain about here? If anything, they should be thankful – this squirrel had the decency to realize it was interfering with an important game, and re-route its course to where it should have been: in the stands.

Other squirrels, like this one, are more insistent on getting in on the action:

A more pressing concern for Phillies Fans – if the Phillies cannot keep their heads about them after the transgression of a harmless squirrel, how are they going to fend off a bunch of ravenous, Phillie-feeding Cardinals in Game 5 of the NLCS?

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