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Sean Avery Clears Waivers, What’s Next?

Sean Avery takes a break on the ice

On Tuesday, New York Rangers left winger Sean Avery was placed on waivers. The controversial forward has been a public icon for the Rangers and a name people notice. Having a rule named after him, 1,512 penalty minutes and a strong interest in fashion, Avery is no stranger to the game (as well as the penalty box).

Avery is seen as a tough guy and not a scorer, ending his last season with the Rangers with only 3 goals and 21 assists. The question is, is Sean Avery worth the hassle? The battle for the last forward spot on the roster was between Avery and Eric Christensen.

On Wednesday, Avery cleared waivers (no other NHL team claimed him) and will be sent down to the AHL affiliate, the Connecticut Whales.

The Lowdown

Sean Avery was in his last year of his $4 million contract and the news of his release comes as no surprise. Avery was a healthy scratch in two straight games and coach John Tortorella has never been quite fond of him.

“I think we have better players than Sean Avery — plain and simple. I can dodge it 10 different ways without trying to run Sean over. I thought he had a good camp.  But I think with the makeup of our team, and some of the people we’ve added, and some of the youth we’ve added as far as depth put Sean in this spot,” said coach Tortorella on Tuesday.

What Is Next?

The next step for Sean Avery could be playing for the Connecticut Whales, the Rangers AHL affiliate. If Avery choses otherwise, he will most likely play in Europe and will not be allowed to play the rest of the NHL season. If Avery does play for the Whales, he could potentially be re-called up to the Rangers if they are in need of a forward, but it looks like his time with the organization is over.

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