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Top 5 Offseason Decisions Awaiting the Mets: The End of an Era?

David Wright and Jose Reyes (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Mets just completed their third successive losing season Wednesday afternoon. With the front office’s desire to lower payroll, things aren’t looking great for the immediate future. Here are the Mets Top 5 decisions for the upcoming offseason.

5. Mike Pelfrey

Pelfrey got off to a terrific start in the 2010 season. It looked like he had turned the corner and was on his way to becoming a solid #2 starter. His sinker was nasty, and he was producing groundball outs at a high rate. Since then he’s been atrocious. It’s really been a year and a half since Pelfrey has pitched well for an extended period of time. Can you really guarantee him a spot in the rotation next season? The future for Pelfrey has to be very uncertain right now.

4. The Mets need Daniel Murphy’s bat, but where will be play?

Ruben Tejada seems to have won the second base job. Even if he eventually moves to short, can they realistically play David Murphy at second? Two seasons, and two major knee injuries later I think it’s time to scrap the entire experiment. First base is blocked by Ike Davis, assuming Davis is healthy to play next year. Third base likewise is blocked by Wright. Right field is an option if he can work on it in the off-season. It seems much more likely that Murphy gets a shot at RF than at 2B. But really, Murphy is a valuable bat without a position.

3. Bullpen help: Closer needed

Bobby Parnell has shown nothing since taking over the closer role for the Mets. They cannot go into next season with Parnell and Manny Acosta being their main two arms in the bullpen. They need a closer for relatively cheap, maybe Huston Street, Kerry Wood, or anybody really. The bullpen is one area they can really improve upon if they want to contend next year.

2. How hard should they pursue Jose Reyes?

Whether Jose Reyes stays or goes will ultimately decide which direction the Mets will go. If they can keep Reyes they have to think they can compete for a wildcard spot next year. The bigger question if Reyes leaves is, where do the Mets go from here? Do they completely commit to youth or still try to complete with a mix of youth and experience? If they let Jose Reyes walk, it will also have huge attendance ramifications. Attendance is already down at Citi Field. If Reyes leaves, where’s the incentive for fans to keep showing up every day?

1. The future of David Wright

It wasn’t long ago that Met fans talked about Wright’s name as eventually being in Mets lore. He is the most beloved Met in a long time but he has one year left on his contract. If the Mets don’t resign Reyes do they consider trading Wright in the off-season or at the trade deadline? There are several teams interested in Wright and he would yield a very good return. Trading Wright would also open up a spot for Murphy to play third for significantly less money. Ultimately the decision to move Wright hinders on the return of Reyes. If Reyes goes, we may be looking an the end of the Reyes-Wright era in New York.

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