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Week 3 NFL Picks: Giants and Chargers Get Their Revenge

DeSean Jackson's punt return that doomed the Giants 2010/11 season (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Things that bothered me about the Sunday Night Game:

  • The Falcons defense almost allowed a game winning drive by Mike Kafka, until…
  • Jeremy Maclin dropped a perfectly thrown fourth down pass. You’ve got to catch that ball.
  • After the Maclin drop, Atlanta gets the ball back and proceeds to take three kneel-downs. But wait, they can’t run out the entire clock and they’re forced to punt to DeSean Jackson with 15 seconds left.
  • They actually punted the ball to Jackson, right down the middle of the field. Didn’t they learn from the Giants mistake?

That being said, 14-2, that’s more I like it. Eventually I’ll get an upset correct. Let’s get to the pick, as always picks are in bold.

New England @ Buffalo 38-28

So many things to like about the Bills, especially Fitzpatrick, give that man a new contract. There’s just a lot more to like about the Patriots. Can they topple 1,000 combined passing yards? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Miami @ Cleveland 17-13

Well, Miami is 0-2 and Cleveland is 1-1, so Miami winning would be an upset, right? Miami has played two of the better teams in the AFC, while Cleveland has played two of the worst. The Browns are favored by a field goal in this game though and they are playing at home. Got to think Miami is relieved to play on the road; they cannot win at home.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati  20-19

There are many reasons why the 49ers should win this game, I just can’t think of them right now.

Denver @ Tennessee 24-17

Give Chris Johnson 20+ carries and you see, good things happen. Oh wait, he wasn’t the reason they won. The Titans defense was impressive against a Ravens offense that hung 35 on the Steelers. The key to the Titans success last week was Kenny Britt, looks like they’ve found themselves a #1 receiver.

Detroit @ Minnesota 34-20

If the Lions are for real, these are the types of games they need to win. The Vikings’ pass rush needs to get home for the Vikes to have a chance. They don’t necessarily need to get sacks but Stafford has looked very comfortable in the pocket. They need to move him a bit. I just don’t see the Lions losing this game.

Houston @ New Orleans 31-27

Houston, big road game against a worthy foe, they’ll find a way to lose. Brees seems locked in, Darren Sproles is turning into everything that Reggie Bush wished he could be, what a pick up by the Saints.

Jacksonville @ Carolina 24-20

Well that happened faster than I anticipated, Blaine Gabbert will get his first NFL start against Carolina. I don’t expect Cam Newton to go for 400 again, but he’ll take a win over 400 yards any day.

New York Jets @ Oakland 17-13

Rex Ryan’s defense finally showed up on Sunday, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, they were playing Luke McCown. Sanchez seemed to be forcing the ball to Holmes on several occasions. For some strange reason Burress wasn’t really part of the gameplan Sunday. This is the beginning of a very difficult stretch, @Oakland, @Baltimore, and @New England, and it’ll be important to start off with a win.

Kansas City @ San Diego 51-3

41 to the Bills, 48 to the Lions, the Chargers ought to top that with 51. Seeing as the Chiefs have scored 3 points in their first 2 games, why change the trend? The Chargers owe them a big time beat down for last year.

Arizona @ Seattle 28-20

Arizona’s pass defense looks horrendous, but good thing the Seahawks can’t throw the ball. Sydney Rice could play on Sunday and that should help. Seattle is always a difficult to travel to, just ask New Orleans last year. Kolb and Fitzgerald are looking like they’re finally getting into a rhythm together. The Cardinals really ought to be 2-0 heading into this game. The Cardinals are just simply better than the Seahawks.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay 27-17

Remember when I said Matty Ice would not let them lose against the Eagles, what a gutsy performance. Yes it still took a Vick injury for the Falcons to pull out the victory, but that doesn’t take away from his performance. Win this game and all the turmoil about the horrible beginning of the season for the Falcons will all go away. They’ll be 2-1, where most people had them going into Week 1.

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis 31-10

What a snooze of a Sunday night game. What’s the over/under on Kerry Collins turnovers? I think it’s got to be 3.5 and I’d have to take the over.

Washington @ Dallas 24-21

Expect a crazy game with a lot of boneheaded mistakes and big plays. Anything could happen really when these two teams play. Who would have thought that the Redskins would be atop the NFC East at any point this season? Big game with possible playoff implications, although Dallas is the better team. Tony Romo plays hero for another week.

Best Pick

Baltimore @ St. Louis 26-13

Rough early season schedule for the Rams only gets tougher with an angry Ravens bunch coming to town on Sunday. Much like Pittsburgh the week before, an AFC elite team playing an NFC West opponent following an embarrassing loss, trouble is on the horizon in St. Louie.

Upset Special

New York Giants @ Philadelphia 24-19

This pick is not entirely dependent on Vick missing the game. Even so, I was very close to picking the Eagles to win regardless of who starts. The Giants victory over the Rams Monday night was a disaster. The game was more about how poorly the Rams played but the Giants needed that victory, as ugly as it was. The Giants can run the ball though, the only glaring weakness of the Eagles. They also owe DeSean Jackson and company big time for the way last season ended, call this an inspired effort from the Giants.

Key Matchup

Green Bay @ Chicago 27-24

If it were soccer, Charles Woodson would wear the #10 shirt. The role of a #10 is defined as a playmaker. The guy just makes plays, he lines up all over field, and does anything you as of him. For my money the best defensive back in football. I expect Woodson to blitz a lot on Sunday. Jay Cutler, meet Mr. Woodson and Mr. Matthews.

Last Week: 14-2

Best Pick: 1-1

Upset Special: 0-2

Overall: 22-10

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