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The Five Biggest Problems With The Jets

Mark Sanchez

5) Things Are About To Get Real

They got a gift from Tony Romo in week 1, then blew out a bad team at home. Starting 2-0 is right where they want to be, but now the season really begins. They’ve got another very winnable game this Sunday in the black hole. Then it’s in Baltimore, and in New England. If they are the team they think they are, the Jets need to come away from the next three games at 2-1.

4) Wayne Hunter

Last year Rex Ryan described Hunter as, “(The) best backup tackle in the league.” If only he was still a backup.

Not to kick a guy that is 350 pounds, but Hunter’s gotten manhandled the first two games, and his best countering move to a speed rush is to pull the facemask. Sanchez is going to end up like Marty from Not Another Teen Movie if something miraculous doesn’t happen.

3) Those Uniforms

I’m tired of thinking my TV has bad reception. Those Titan jerseys were fun, once, a few years ago. Please retire them. If you’re looking for throwback uniforms, why not go to those Al Toon uniforms that were only green and white, with Jets written on the helmet? Better yet, make something new. Anything. I don’t care if it’s purposely ugly like the Oregon Ducks, or has Rex Ryan’s face on it, as long as it’s green.

2) The Offensive Line

Seriously, the line isn’t good and it’s not just Wayne Hunter. Nick Mangold is out for two weeks. That leaves D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Brandon Moore, and three dudes. The running game is non-existent. Won’t someone please give Damien Woody a call?

1) History

Success goes with the Jets about as well as Antonio Cromartie and birth control. The Jets have never even made the playoffs three years in a row. To make it to the AFC Championship game three years in a row, after only making it twice before (1982 and 1998), seems pretty improbable. I know Rex has brought a change in mentality to this organization, but I just can’t ignore 40 years of underachieving, colossal collapses, and bad luck.

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