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Mets Want Quick Free Agent Decision From Reyes This Winter

Jose Reyes (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)

Two hamstring injuries and a mediocre second half had make it seem more likely that the Mets might re-sign Jose Reyes. Surely his value has dropped a bit since his MVP-caliber first half. The Mets, though, want a quick decision this winter from Jose Reyes. They don’t want to wait around. Why is this a huge mistake?

Reyes has basically said numerous times that he will not negotiate a contract extension during the year, having every indication of wanting to test the market. The Mets would be foolish to think that Reyes would quickly jump at any offer.

Does that signify a change in direction from the ownership? Absolutely. When the Mets decided not to trade Reyes at the deadline, all indications were that they are going to heavily pursue him this winter. With Reyes’ history of leg injuries, it’s going to be really difficult for Reyes to get a seven-year deal. The price should have undoubtedly dropped, if the Mets were serious about re-signing Reyes they’d be wise to stay in it for the durations.

Maybe the Mets brass has simply decided they no longer want Reyes. This might be the beginning to a complete youth movement. If they let Reyes go, the future for David Wright in New York doesn’t look too great, he might be looking for new real estate soon.

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