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Week 2 Pick ‘Em: Can the Giants Rebound? Vick’s Not So Happy Return to Atlanta.

Michael Vick talking to Sal Paolantonio at Georgia Dome as an Eagle (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

Last week was a tough week. My upset special was looking good until, well, Tony Romo went Tony Romo on me. To make matters worse my best pick, the Titans, looked absolutely putrid offensively. I also lost the key matchup, where Pittsburgh got blitzed, literally, into oblivion. That makes it an 0-for week 1. Anyway, let’s get into the Week 2 picks. As always picks in BOLD.

Oakland @ Buffalo 27-23

THE BILLS 2-0?! It’s a short week for the Raiders and they need to travel cross country to the east coast to play the Bills. This game just feels too much like a Bills win. Fitzpatrick looked pretty impressive Week 1 also.

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota 20-17

Bad sign for the Bucs: the Lions ran for 126 yards against them in Week 1, and Adrian Peterson is looming in Week 2. Good sign: Matt Stafford is gone and they now face Donovan McNabb; the same QB who threw for 39 yards in last week. I don’t see the Bucs going 0-2.

Jacksonville @ New York Jets 20-16

I’ve learned my lesson, I’m not picking against the Jets anymore. They just keep inventing new ways to win games they have no business winning. The Cowboys basically handed them the game but, this is the NFL, a W is a W. Expect a more straight forward win this week.

Chicago @ New Orleans 34-27

If Chicago can go for 30 against Atlanta they ought to go for 41 against the Saints. The difference, the Saints can get to 50 if need be. Brees and company, even minus Colston, at home are too dangerous. Expect a lot of blitzes and Jay Cutler to be on his back early and often. The Saints play turnover defense, a la 2009.

Cleveland @ Indianapolis 17-13

I do expect the Colts to show up this Sunday. They can’t possibly that bad. They still have weapons on offense, the problem is they cannot run the ball and they cannot stop the run. Ben Tate and Derrick Ward, not exactly world beaters, ran all over them. It’s going to be a long day for the Colts’ defense with Peyton Hillis in town.

Kansas City @ Detroit 28-17

How can you have any confidence in the Chiefs secondary after watching the Bills dismantle them in Week 1? Oh by the way, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are in town, and they just lost Eric Berry for the year. A 0-2 start to the season means the sky is falling in KC.

Baltimore @ Tennessee 20-10

If Chris Johnson gets NINE carries the Titans will not win. If you’re going to pay the man $56 million, give him the rock (no I don’t own Chris Johnson in my fantasy league). How impressive were the Ravens though, routing the Steelers. Big question is can their relatively old defense play with the same intensity throughout the year?

Green Bay @ Carolina 38-24

There’s no need to really talk about the actual game but how about Cam Newton, Steve Smith looks like he’s enjoying football again. Oh, and by the way, so much for the Packers’ Super Bowl hangover.

Dallas @ San Francisco 30-17

The Cowboys are casualty of the lack of OTAs, Dez Bryant started cramping in the first half, and allowed a blocked punt for a touchdown to tie the game. They lost a game they absolutely had no business losing. They dominated the Jets for three and half quarters. There was a lot to like about the Cowboys performance on Sunday, none of which was Tony Romo’s late game gaffe once again.

Cincinnati @ Denver 17-13

Big win last week for the Bengals. Too many mistakes doomed the Broncos last weekend. The offense looks a little, maybe more than a little, out of sync. The problem is I just can’t see the Bengals going 2-0 or the Broncos going 0-2 at home.

Houston @ Miami 27-20

Matt Schaub is not Tom Brady but New England can’t run the ball nearly as well as Houston is capable of, especially if they get Foster back. That being said, the Dolphins hung in there quite well with the Patriots and I expect them to keep this game competitive.

San Diego @ New England 27-24

You’re not going to beat the Patriots by throwing the ball. You need to keep Tom Brady off the field, and with a banged up Mike Tolbert the Chargers aren’t the best ball possession team. The Chargers can score and the Patriots secondary is vulnerable against the pass but Brady at home against a team they have owned recently, win for the Patriots.

St. Louis @ New York Giants 23-17

I hate beating you over the head with the same thing but Eli Manning needs to take care of the ball for the Giants to win. The defense just isn’t good enough to cover his mistakes. They haven’t been good enough since Steve Spagnuolo left to coach the Rams. Speaking of the Rams they finished Sunday’s game without Bradford, Jackson, and Amendola. Amendola is done for the season, Jackson looks unlikely to play this Sunday, while Bradford should be fine. The Giants should have enough to get the W.

Best Pick

Seattle @ Pittsburgh 24-3

I would hate to be Tavaris Jackson on Sunday. The Steelers are going to be angry, they’re going to want to make a statement. If Jackson is still standing by the end of the game it’ll be a moral victory for the Seahawks. Somebody has to pay for the whooping the Ravens put on the Steelers and unfortunately for the Seahawks, they draw the Steelers in Week 2. Blame the NFL.

Upset Special

Arizona @ Washington 21-20

Tough game to call, the Cardinals looked unimpressive versus the Panthers, while Washington looked mighty impressive beating the Giants. It would be easy to overreact to their win over the Giants but I’m still not a believer in Grossman.  Is this considered an upset? Regardless, I expect the Cards to prevail.

Game of the Week

Philadelphia @ Atlanta 35-34

This would have been even more intriguing had Atlanta not laid an egg last week. Were they feeling the weight of the lofty expectations? Remember this is a team that has not won a playoff under Matt Ryan. What does it say about the NFC South that their best three teams got handled convincingly by the NFC North’s best? Regardless, Mick Vick returns to Atlanta commands Game of the Week status. Anyway back to the game at hand, the key to this game is Michael Turner. Matt Ryan cannot throw the ball 47 times if the Falcons expect to win. The Falcons need to control the clock against an Eagle team that has shown it is vulnerable to the run. Expect Mattie Ice to live up to his nickname and rescue the Falcons from a 0-2 start.

Last Week: 8-8

Best Pick: 0-1

Upset Special: 0-1

Overall: 8-8

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