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A Poem About 9-11: “The 343”

FDNY (Photo by Newsweek)

By Joe Wasserman

The sun was warm
The sky was plain
The day the world
Forever changed
Oblivious to
What soon would be
So awoke
The 343
The chaos hit
The sirens cried
And so, the jakes
Prepared to ride
A sight to behold
But not to believe
Still, pressed on
The 343
The trucks arrived
So swift and bold
At any moment
The towers could fold
They knew of the dangers
That they would see
And yet, up they went
The 343
The heat was intense
Conditions were grave
But still they knew
There were lives to be saved
When suddenly
All of the flames and debris
Came crumbling down on
The 343
All that remained
Was a cloud in the sky
And millions of people
Were asking God, why?
Loved ones with sorrow
As deep as the sea
Were mourning the loss of
The 343
And so, to the bravest
Of souls that did breathe
A thousand times, thank you
For keeping us free
For as the dust settles
We state this decree
Forever remember…
…The 343



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