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Yankees-Red Sox Flare Up: No Clapping Allowed

Cervelli hit for clapping (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

There was Piniella crashing into Fisk. Clemens yelling at Manny. Veritek fighting ARod with his mask still on. Pedro hitting Jeter. Pedro hitting Sheffield. Pedro hitting an elderly man. Now, Lackey hitting Cervelli.

The rivalry got heated again Tuesday night, with John Lackey taking exception to Francisco Cervelli after a home run. When the catcher crossed home plate, he clapped. Once. That was it. To be fair, it was a loud clap. So loud, in fact, a two year old in the stands almost covered his ears.

For all the choreographed handshakes, bat flipping, stare downs, fist pumping, and slow trots, the clap seems pretty minor. This was clearly a big game for the Yankees, and a backup catcher just hit a monstrous home run out of the stadium. Cervelli should be allowed a little room for excitement. Maybe he was just paying homage to Randy Moss?

Lackey and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia said Cervelli wasn’t hit on purpose. Saltalamacchia said Cervelli is just an emotional player, and insists he has there are no problems with that. Then Saltalamacchia went on to give an explanation longer than his name.

“The game, it’s changing. Younger guys are coming in. I’ve seen it. Elvis Andrus, [Yunel] Escobar over at short. A lot of guys, that’s just the Latin players. That’s the way they play the game.”

Uh oh.

“And it’s OK to an extent. But if you go a little further than that, then that’s when you’ve got to kind of step back.”

Jarrod, you should stop talking.

“I wasn’t trying to say ‘Latin players’ or any of that stuff.”

You’re making it worse.

“The younger guys that are coming up now are real emotional players. They’re young guys wanting to make a name, wanting to stick around…So basically all I was saying was that [Cervelli’s] a real emotional guy. I have no issues with him doing what he does because that’s the player he is.”

Was Cervelli was hit on purpose? Does Saltalamacchia hate Latin people? The debate rages on. Even if you think Cervelli crossed a line, he deserves a break. He was recently involved in trade rumors…to Pittsburgh! I don’t expect any retribution, but A.J. Burnett is expected to pitch Thursday, and he could take out the entire Red Sox lineup while trying to throw strikes.



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  1. New Post: Yankees-Red Sox Flare Up: No Clapping Allowed

    Posted by Sports of New York | August 31, 2011, 11:29 pm
  2. Ha! Excellent and hilarious assessment of the clapping situation. AJ’s performance tonight was downright shocking…but I’ll take it.

    Posted by Caitlin | September 1, 2011, 11:57 pm

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