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Derek Jeter is Back, and He’s The All-Time Yankee Leader in Games Played

Derek Jeter (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Derek Jeter has been called everything from an all-time Yankee great to a washed-up shortstop with no mobility this season.  He has had quite a year to say the least.

Near His End?

Derek Jeter batted a career low .270 during the 2010 season, and also posted career lows in on-base percentage, slugging and tied a career low in home runs.  To top it off, he had a very public battle with the New York Yankees while trying to get a new contract, which led to a whole bunch of rumors in the media.

This season started off as badly as could be imagined, and he entered July 9th batting .257.  He had just come off the DL for only the second time in his career, and the critics were having a ball with it.  Jeter was done according to the haters, and I must have heard that fielding stat about how he can’t move laterally like 65 million times.  The Yankees seemed like they were going to be stuck with an aging Jeter for the next couple of seasons, as he would apparently struggle through his final years.

He’s Back!

Let’s just say the critics haven’t had much to talk about lately.  Not only did Jeter get his 3,000th hit in epic fashion on July 9th, but he has looked like his old (young) self at the plate ever since.  Something happened on that special day, and Derek Jeter is back!

He was batting .415 in August until he fouled a pitch off his knee on Sunday, and he had his average up to .300 at one point last week.  That’s a 43 point rise in batting average in a month and a half.  He had an 8 game stretch where he went 19-37 (.513), and he has done it as quietly as could be imagined.  In this month and a half run, Jeter doubled his career total of 5 hit games and more than doubled his season RBI total.

Where is the media now?  Jeter couldn’t have been a bigger deal in his run at 3,000 hits, but it seemed like people considered that his last hoorah.  They seem to have forgotten about him, and I just don’t understand why.  He is killing it out there, and the only way he can get headlines is to break up with his girl?  Seriously?  This is Derek Sanderson Jeter we’re talking about!

Another Record?

Now, this past Sunday, Jeter became the all-time Yankee leader in games played.  His 2,402nd career game passed Mickey Mantle for first on the list, and it went by pretty quietly also.  Name a Yankee.  Any Yankee.  Derek Jeter has more hits, stolen bases and games played than any one you can come up with, along with being the only shortstop in history to reach the 3,000 hit milestone.

Derek Jeter has looked as good as ever since July, 9th.  I don’t know if it is because of the relieved pressure with getting his 3,000th hit, or if that stint on the DL rejuvenated him, but it doesn’t matter.  I think he proved that it was last season that was the anomaly, and that his career as a productive player isn’t over, like so many thought heading into that amazing day.  If he is able to fly under the radar until the end of the season, I can guarantee you this: He will set off some alarms in October, because that’s when Derek Jeter plays his best.


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