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Holmes, Jets Fly Past Giants 17-3

Jets Fly Past Giants, 17-3 (Photo Credit: New York Jets)

Preseason week three, New York’s roommates battled it out for bragging rights.  This time there was a little more on the line than bragging rights as a new trophy was introduced to the rivalry. The Metlife Trophy was awarded to the Jets following the defeat of Big Blue.

Due to Hurricane Irene’s delay of this matchup, both teams are also scheduled to play their week four games on Thursday September 1st.  The Giants will take on The Patriots as the Jets battle The Eagles. I would not expect to see much of Manning and Sanchez in week four with the start of the regular season right around the corner.

First Quarter

Solid Defense by both teams. Neither team allowed any points as the back and forth struggle carried forward to the second quarter, scoreless.

Second Quarter

The Giants were on the board first with a field goal after gaining 45 yards in nine plays.  The Jets followed close behind with a touchdown by none other than Santonio Holmes.   Sanchez took his team 35 yards in six plays before the 17 yard pass of perfection in to Holmes’ arms.  The Giants had the Jets backed on their own one yard line but failed to convert for the touchdown on fourth.

Third Quarter

Neither team managed to score in the third quarter as the teams battled for yards once again.  This lead to a very green fourth quarter for the Giants.

Fourth Quarter

The Jets scored their second touchdown of the game with a one yard run by Powell in to the end zone. The Jets took the ball down field 68 yards in nine plays for the score. The Jet’s didn’t stop there as Nick Folk drove the ball between the posts for a 33 yard field goal. The field goal was a result of a three and out on 14 plays for 39 yards.


Eli Manning went 15 of 30 for 200 yards and did not look all that great with two interceptions.  David Carr is back in blue and went five of 12 for only 36 yards.

Mark Sanchez only threw the ball 16 times but connected on eight. His total yardage was 64 with one touchdown. Greg McElroy entered the game and went four out of five with 39 yards. Jeremy Kerley threw the ball only once for 18 yards.


Brandon Jacobs muscled his way past the defense on ten different occasions for 51 yards. Jacobs longest rush was 25 yards. D.J. Ware zipped around the defense eight times for 37 yards. Ware’s longest rush was 13 yards.  Andre Brown only ran the ball three times for a total of nine yards. Brown’s longest rush was seven yards.

For the Jets, Shonn Greene had 11 rushes for 42 yards. Greene’s longest was 8 yards.  Joe McKnight proved himself in only nine rushes for 35 yards and a long of 16 yards. Jeremy Kerley had two attempts on the evening for 13 yards and seven long.


Hakeem Nicks stood out as usual with five receptions for 71 yards. Nicks is going to be a star this season, be on the look out for number 88 in blue. Another star on the Giants is Mario Manningham. Manningham received the ball three times for 36 yards. Ahmad Bradshaw entered the game with only one reception for 29 yards.

Wearing green, Matthew Mulligan received the ball three times for 43 yards. Santonio Holmes stood out as usual with his two receptions for 37 yards. Dustin Keller only received the ball twice for 11 yards. Surprisingly, Plaxico Burress was pretty silent during the game. Burress had a lot to prove to his former team and failed to do so.

Standout Players

Victor Cruz

This rookie hasn’t seen many regular season games though he should. He is fast and accurate with hands of gold.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him more this season.

Hakeem Nicks

Hakeem Nicks will be made a star this season with the Giants. Nicks has the skill of a first class receiver. With Steve Smith gone, Nicks is the go to guy.

Santonio Holmes

Holmes only received the ball twice, but each reception was worth the wait. Holmes scored one of the Jet’s two touchdowns in this game and looked great.  Holmes has a new contract and is comfortable playing in New York.

These teams will meet again in the regular season on December 24th, week 16. The regular season will show which team is a play-off contender and which team will hang their heads and return to New York with nothing.

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