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2011 New York Jets: From Rags to Riches

Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes (Photo by TYSON TRISH/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

Sunday Tears

For as long as anyone can remember, the New York Jets have been a team of heartbreak.

Over the years, they have provided us with moments of brilliance here and there only to be overshadowed by a lifetime of failure. Every season it has been the same song and dance. They have looked almost unbeatable on paper, leading every fan to let out their battle cry and shout:

“This is their year!”

But of course, as we all know, it has never been their year. Ask Met fans. All the potential in the world and all the superstars written on a depth chart won’t do anything but give you false hope and ultimately break your heart one Sunday at a time. And of course, no one feels it more than the fans; the worthy and loyal…bleeding green and white…chanting:


But every year we still tune in to CBS at 1:00 or 4:00 and sometimes the occasional Sunday or Monday night. We still buy their jerseys and hope by some miracle that for once they will be an exciting team to watch and actually contend in a league where each game is as crucial as the next. We hope that we will step outside of our houses and see some sort of omen or sign indicating that the Jets will finally do some damage in the National Football League. But just like everything else having to do with Gang Green, it would just be another tease, pulling our legs.

The Past

In 1969, Joe Namath guaranteed victory and led the New York Jets to their first Super Bowl victory against the Baltimore Colts. Their success continued shortly after when…

Wait, no it didn’t.

They finally made it back to the Super Bowl in…

Wait, no they didn’t.

Unfortunately my friends and fellow heart-stricken fans, the success and fame stops there…in 1969. Since Namath’s bold claim and clutch delivery of that claim, the Jets have never been back to the Super Bowl. From 1969 to 2008, they have only appeared in two AFC Championship games and found themselves in the playoffs only ten times. Pretty sad, huh? Well…that’s the Jets for you.

But a room can only stay dark for so long.

The Present

After all is said and done, painful season after painful season, heartbreak after heartbreak, the New York Jets have finally revitalized their organization and have once again made Sundays a happy day…for the time being at least. (Sorry, it is in my nature to follow positive with negative with this team)

Drafting Mark Sanchez and hiring Rex Ryan to hold the reigns has only led to one thing, unfamiliar to Jet Fans.


They have been to two AFC Championship games in two years, something that was accomplished over a 40-year span before Rex Ryan and Sanchez became the messiahs of the New York Jets. As outspoken and boisterous as he is, Rex Ryan has lived up to the hype and has proved that even a franchise built around failure can be resurected and turned into a contender. As young and unproven as he is, Mark Sanchez has finally given the Jets a face. After constant criticism during the regular season over the past two years, Sanchez has silenced the critics by winning four road playoff games and performing relatively well against good teams in the Bengals, Chargers, Colts, and Patriots.

Even though they were unsuccesful in both trips to getting back to the grand stage of the National Football League, the New York Jets have definitely provided us with promising hope and the feeling a little kid gets right before opening up a present; anticipation and excitement.


With the acquisitions of Plaxico Buress and Derek Mason, the Jets have become stronger and added talent to an already impressive offensive attack. A healthy Darrelle Revis and Jim Leonard along with a fine core of linebackers and a strong front three of Muhammed Wilkerson, Sione Pouha, and Mike DeVito will compliment one of the top defenses in the National Football League. Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson look to continue with their ‘ground and pound’ attack and keep a revamped Jets running game strong and on point.

According to Rex Ryan, the Jets will win the Super Bowl this year and are once again the team to beat. But is he the only one that feels that way? The Green and White faithful should feel the same exact way. Why not have some confidence for once when it comes to our New York Jets? They definitely have deserved the hype and publicity and I don’t just mean because they were alongside Tony Soprano and Ari Gold as stars on HBO. Credit should be given where it is due and the Jets of 2009 and 2010 should be given plenty of credit.

The New York Jets have finally made Sundays an enjoyable day and not just the last day of the weekend and the day before Monday. It is only fair that we feel the same way as Patriot and Steeler fans. Why do they have to hog all the W’s and Super Bowl rings? The season is around the corner and I’m sure everyone is counting down the days.

But with all the hype and excitement aside, they haven’t won anything yet.

There I go again…

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