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A.J. Burnett Knows “How Good” He Can Be

A.J. Burnett (Patrick Smith/AP)

Friday night in the Yankees game against the Orioles, A.J. Burnett pitched seven innings of two-hit, no-run ball.

A.J. pitched like A.J. He threw five innings of nine-hit, nine-run ball. The main difference between this start and his previous outing is that he changed his hair. It didn’t help.

Here at Sports of New York, we’ve written articles for and against removing A.J. from the rotation. So, instead rehashing one of those arguments, let me share with you A.J.’s own assessment of his performance Friday night.

On his 11.91 August ERA:

“The bottom line is, I can’t worry about my numbers right now.”

Yeah, they don’t mean anything, anyway.

On his self-image:

“If I didn’t believe in myself, I probably would be more negative.”

I feel bad ragging on someone for believing in himself, but come on, man. With that kind of blind confidence, maybe A.J. should consider a career change. I’m thinking life coach. Or Republican presidential candidate.

On his tendency to unravel:

“I have some good innings and some bad innings.”

With those standards, we all have a shot at pitching in the MLB. This is pure. Unintentional. Comedy.

And my personal favorite:

“I know how good I can be.”

I have no words.

I understand why Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman consistently defend and support A.J.; anything else would be counterproductive. However, A.J. Burnett is not A.J. Burnett’s coach. His words strike me as either shockingly oblivious or unbelievably dishonest. I don’t know which is option is worse. What do you think?

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  1. New Post: A.J. Burnett Knows “How Good” He Can Be

    Posted by Sports of New York | August 27, 2011, 7:34 pm
  2. I think he’s suffering from delusional hubris, which encompasses both states.

    Posted by Argun M. Ulgen | August 27, 2011, 8:44 pm

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