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Phil Hughes Can’t Get the Job Done Against the A’s

Phil Hughes was knocked out of the Yankees-A's game in the second inning this afternoon. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Phil Hughes pulled an A.J. Burnett this afternoon, allowing 4 runs and throwing 78 pitches in less than three innings against the Oakland A’s. He left the game with two men on base, both of whom eventually scored. Joe Girardi brought in Cory Wade in the 3rd, Hector Noesi in the 5th, and Boone Logan in the 6th. As of this writing, the A’s lead the Yankees 7-6 in the bottom of the 6th.

With the Yankees going into what is scheduled to be a three-day, five-game set in Baltimore, this does not bode well for their bullpen, regardless of whether they are able to pull out a win. Especially considering the strong possibility that one or more of the games will be delayed due to weather before and/or during play, the team will need a steady supply of fresh arms.

Following the series against the Orioles, the Yankees are heading to Boston to play the team that has owned them this season. It will be interesting to see if the Yanks make any moves in order to get through these two series. If they do, we may get a preview of their September call-up plans.

On a side note, this situation means that Girardi and Cashman may keep a six-man rotation for a bit longer. In his pre-game press conference, Girardi hedged when reporters asked him when and if the team would cut the rotation down to five. Hughes has had significantly more success than A.J. Burnett in August; however, his performance today and Colon’s earlier in the week may help A.J.’s cause.

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