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Yankees Claim Carlos Pena Off Waivers

Carlos Pena (AP Photo)

The Yankees have not stayed quiet for long.

After a trade deadline where the Yankees sat back and watched other contenders sign big names, they have finally come out of hiding and started to make a little noise. The New York Yankees have claimed Carlos Pena from the Cubs off of trade waivers.

What happens next?

Three things are possible:

  1. The Cubs and Yankees have 48 hours to work out a trade.
  2. The Cubs can pull Pena back to the team.
  3. The Cubs can let Pena go to the Yankees, who will then assume his contract.


Pena has notoriously hurt the Yankees in the past, constantly depositing long balls into the short left porch over at Yankee Stadium. He is also very familiar with the American League East, playing with the Rays for four seasons.

But are the Yankees really trying to bulk up their bench or are they just trying to block the rival Sox and Rays from acquiring another bat? Will Pena replace Jorge Posada and Eric Chavez as the platooning designated hitters? Or are the Yankees just trying to add another big name to their roster as October baseball looms around the corner?

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