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The Giants Still ‘Got It’: Yes, An Optimist’s Guide To The 2011 New York Giants

The New York Giants. Photo via Kostron

We’ve heard plenty on the pessimistic end of the field so lets focus on the good things that will come out of this years Giants season. 

Enough About Who’s Gone

All the fuss about who’s not on the team isn’t going to be effective for success so let’s take a look at what will benefit the Giants this season. The key components to the future success of the Giants season:

  • The Giants offensive line that has undergone a major transformation so far this preseason
  • The recent re-signing of Deon Grant and the defense
  • And the young running backs and receivers that the Giants have accumulated and been developing

The O-Line’s Transformation

Its no surprise that the o-line has undergone major re-construction this preseason. We know the talent in veterans Kareem McKenzie, Chris Snee and David Diehl. It’s the two new additions to the line that everyone’s worrying about, David Baas and Will Beatty. Offensive line coach, Pat Flaherty doesn’t seem to have a bit of doubt in these two players. He Said in regards to Beatty’s pre-season performance:

“There’s nobody that works harder in the classroom or the football field.” Baas has also impressed Flaherty enough to be labelled as “intelligent” and “an extremely hard worker.”

So, for the o-line Diehl moved to left guard for Will Beatty who will play left tackle. Baas will take the center position, Snee as right guard and McKenzie at right tackle.

“To have a good offense, you have to have a successful offensive line, a group that’s connected and can play together . . . I have no worries at all because we’re going to take every step we need to” Said Diehl. “They moved me because they want to put the best 5 guys out on the field.”

Flaherty and Diehl seem pretty confident in what they see in the team, from a coach’s point of view and a player’s. You have to admit, that IS a pretty solid line.

On The D

Perry Fewell turned the giants defense into a standout D last season. The players feel he’s had a tremendous impact on their success on defense and they’re glad he’s back for more.

For the most part, the Giants defense has remained consistent talent-wise. Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora are both returning players this season who finished in the top 10 defensive linemen in the league last season. Mathias Kiwanuka, also returning, set a team-leading record within the first three games last year. Michael Boley had a few big games last season, with game seven standing out most, against Tony Romo. Jason Pierre-Paul left off last season on a good note and returning this season in high hopes to pick up where he left off.

The re-signing of veteran Deon Grant doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the team as an individual but when you look at the whole defensive players together it makes a huge difference.

Umenyiora’s sudden knee surgery might impact the defense for the first couple of weeks while he’s out but pre-season and the first few weeks are usually the sloppiest anyway. Pre-season is time to experiment and time to work out all the kinks which usually carry on to the following weeks after pre-season. Osi should be back to his usual domination on d in no time.

Terrell Thomas, Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, Corey Webster, and Jonathan Goff are all back to contribute in the Giant’s standout defense.

Developing on the Offense

The offense may seem empty for a number of reasons but look at the talent in the Giant’s receivers and backs.

Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks, Domenik Hixon and Victor Cruz are all talented receivers. These receivers are often overlooked and underestimated because they’re still developing players and for the most part haven’t gotten the chance to show their full potential as receivers. These four guys are still young. The only thing better than a stand-out veteran is a few, talented, pairs of fresh legs.

It was a tight call getting Ahmad Bradshaw to re-sign but his partner in the backfield, Brandon Jacobs, re-constructed his contract in order to keep him on the team. These two have proved their talent and have both been high ranked since their 2008 Super Bowl win. All they need to do is keep doing what they do, minus a few fumbles.

A little Confidence Can Go a Long Way

I’m not going to ramble on about how confidence is key to a championship team but . . . everyone knows it can’t hurt and everyone knows the Giants have a lot of it so it’s worth pointing out. Starting with Eli Manning’s nationally criticized comment: “Tom Brady is a great quarterback . . . I consider myself in that class.”

It’s confidence people, that’s all. Let’s remember, within the past 4 years he’s led his team to a Super Bowl victory, named super bowl MVP and threw for 339 receptions last season alone.

Just a few fun facts: Manning was sacked once every 35 attempts, 1:35, Tom Brady 1:21. In the 2010 season Brady threw for 3,900 yards, just short of Manning’s 4,002. Let’s not forget about the 2008 Super Bowl.

Manning believes in himself. Isn’t that what a star quarter back should do?

“I’m trying to compete. I’m trying to be the best quarterback. I’m trying to get a championship,” Manning said about the Brady controversy.

Safety Antrel Rolle is also very confident in this year’s team. Rolle put it nicely:

“It don’t matter at the end of the day what people focus on . . . we can’t really focus much about the outside. Our team is going to be great. We’re going to be a better defense than we were even last year.”

It’s nice to see the Giants confidence the talk of the town for once.

We’ve heard a enough about Rex Ryan banking on a Super Bowl win and we’ve seen enough about the Jets all over the cover of every newspaper. Sanchez, we don’t care about whether or not you want to fight your coach.

Dream Teams Are Nice but…

What to do with all this hype about the dream teams, ‘ya know’ the Miami Heat type teams of the NFL.

Deon Grant expressed his outlook on the new “dream teams” who have acquired all top name players. Eagles, Jets, Redskins, Patriots. Grant and his teammates are embracing their role as an underdog. With a team full of all-stars you can only expect the best. Going into a game as an underdog and coming out as a winner is a whole other story.

“Dallas was the underdog [in the NBA finals], so that’s a good thing.”

As for the Philadelphia Eagle’s new addition, Steve Smith’s

“I don’t like the Giants.” I’ll speak on behalf of all the Giants fans out there “[they] don’t like you either.”

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