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Why the Mets Decided Not to Trade Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes (Getty Images)

It’s been over two weeks since the trading deadline has passed and as we all know, the Mets decided not to trade Jose Reyes. If Reyes were to have hit the trade market, it’s debatable whether the Mets seriously ever considering trading him, he would have easily been the best player available.  There are two main reasons the Mets decided not to trade Reyes.

The Return for Reyes

For the Mets to even consider trading Reyes there would have needed to be a package much like the Astros got for Hunter Pence. Reyes is a superior player, but he is in the final year of his contract and is likely to command a huge contract at season’s end, while Pence has two years of arbitration left. There aren’t many contenders that were desperate for help at shortstop; the Reds, the Giants, and the Angels are the few that come to mind. Of those teams I think only the Giants were ever really serious about getting Jose Reyes.

The Giants, desperately needed offense, were willing to trade Zach Wheeler but it was unclear whether they were willing to trade Brandon Belt or Madison Bumgarner along with Wheeler for Reyes. Reyes would have commanded at least two of the players mentioned above for the Mets to move him. Mets GM Sandy Alderson made it clear that the Mets needed to be blown away in order to trade Reyes, and no sufficient offer ever surfaced.

Alderson Never Wanted A Deal

Alderson stated very early, over three weeks before the trade deadline, that trading Reyes was “very unlikely.” This leads one to believe that Alderson and the Mets really never intended to trade Reyes. Reyes plays the game of baseball with a passion, the same enthusiasm as a kid playing baseball for the first time. In many ways he is still acts like a kid, there was the Reyes benching incident in 2007-an incident that Reyes did not take particularly well. He has a propensity to sulk and react badly when things don’t go his way.

Alderson didn’t want to trade Reyes because that would probably ruin any chance the Mets have of re-signing him. The Mets decided to keep Reyes in hopes that they can re-sign him and even if they don’t, they will get both a first round and a supplementary draft pick for him because he will be Class A free agent. The Mets have made it clear to Jose Reyes that they want to keep him, Reyes has said publically that he wants to remain with the Mets, and the Mets are hoping that his love for New York and the organization are worth more than the extra millions he’s likely to command in free agency.

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