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A Comeback For Tiki Barber?

Tiki Barber (Al Tielemans/SI)

Tiki Barber’s comeback is, in fact, an attempt, rather than a comeback. How can a 36-year-old retired for six years think he can play the same physical game as he once did?

Don’t get me wrong, Barber has an outstanding history as running back for the New York Giants for almost 10 years but he had his time. An attempt to compete in the 2011-12 NFL season against running backs like Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson seems like a rather unsuccessful comeback attempt.

Is this a good idea?

A lot of veterans have come back after 2, 3, even 4 years but it’s a different story when your mind and body are in retirement mode for nearly six years.

If you look at a player like Michael Vick who made a huge comeback in 2010, you have to look at the fact that he was at his prime, he left abruptly, and planned on returning. His mind was set to come back and play. Barber’s plan was to retire, nothing was telling him that this is just a break, but that this is the end.

Of course he has talent. But the need for strength and physical durability can outdo talent in this 2011-12 league. You can’t even begin to compare retired veterans with straight out of college, fresh legs. They are mentally and physically on completely different levels. Running backs take a pretty hard beating and Barber’s durability might not be able to withstand the necessary durability of the game anymore.

Nothing leads me to believe this is a money-grabbing attempt but rather Barber’s desire and hope to re-live something he once had.

On another note, it’s a personal choice. You can’t say that if you’ve been doing something you love your whole life and then stopped, that you wouldn’t want to come back to it.

Barber didn’t leave the league on a rather good note and probably feels he has unfinished business to take care of.

As for the Giants opinion on the situation. I think for the most part everyone will keep their mouths shut and their thoughts to themselves (good or bad) and let Barber speak for himself on the field.

Who knows, maybe he can lead the Dolphins to a super bowl. Nobody really knows the shape that Barber is in or the comeback he’s capable of. The Dolphins obviously saw some potential in him to even consider him. Right?

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